Blockchain: Etihad Airways is collaborating with the Winding Tree platform

Etihad Airways, airline of the United Arab Emirates has signed a collaboration with the Swiss platform Blockchain, Winding Tree, to improve logistics and distribution services. Let's find out all the details in this guide.

Blockchain: Etihad Airways is collaborating with the Winding Tree platform - etihad airways blockchain 300x155

Blockchain: agreement reached between Etihad Airways and Winding Tree

Etihad Airways, the United Arab Emirates' second largest airline based in Abu Dhabi, has partnered with the Swiss platform Winding Treecon to implement the technology blockchain

The goal is to improve distribution and logistics, increase operational efficiency and reduce customer transaction payments.

The platform is also used in the hotel industry from Nordic Choice, citizenM Hotels and Airport Hotel Basel.

In this regard, the Digital Director of Etihad, Tristan Thomas, commented:

"The partnership with the Winding Tree platform is an opportunity for us and for the market traditionally dominated by the main distribution systems.. "

At the moment, Sabre, popular computer reservation system used by airlines, railways, hotel chains and travel agencies, offers the distribution of records in real time and the assembly of data.

With Winding Tree, these institutions would no longer need intermediaries and would be able to circulate all the necessary inventories directly to the requested customers.

The co-founder e Chief Operating Officer of Winding Tree, Pedro Anderson, said the platform generates competition in the industry and this is extremely beneficial for end customers.

"We experimented and implemented new solutions on the platform. Ultimately, this constitutes a clear advantage for the consumer”, Underlines Anderson.

"When there is innovation, you start having problems and you have to face a competition that translates into better prices for the consumer".

Thomas also stressed the need to introduce innovations to create a level playing field as much as possible.

"Very few have chosen to upset the distribution sector dominated by actors with very high margins", he added.

Blockchain and Airlines

La Winding Tree platform has already been implemented by other airlines such as Lufthansa, S7, Air Canada and Air France.

Lufthansa implemented the platform in 2017 when a travel marketplace based on blockchain technology was created and included a token system.

In addition, a blockchain system has been created for the airline S7 in Russia. The system assumes the possibility of issuing airline tickets.

Air Canada announced its partnership with Winding Tree in October 2018. The airline's director of global distribution, Keith Wallis, said the platform will help increase access to its many customers.

A few days ago the airline Cathay Pacific of Hong Kong has announced that it will start using blockchain for unit load devices. Cathay Pacific hopes to implement the blockchain to make everything more fluid and accessible via a smartphone.