Coinbase is offering 1,25% interest on USDC Stablecoin

Coinbase announced the launch of the program USDC Rewards, based on which eligible US customers will be able to earn press APN from 1,25% on each stablecoin USD Coin held in the Exchange.

Coinbase: launch of the USDC Rewars program

The Exchange Coinbase has announced that it will offer interest on US dollar stablecoin (USDC) deposits for the AP5 of the1,25%.

The goal is to encourage more of its large database of users to deposit their holdings in the cryptocurrency token.

By transferring the value of the US dollar, cryptocurrency users, who face the volatility that characterizes the crypto sector, can benefit from interesting interests.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange has launched its USDC rewards program, which aims to ensure the acceptability of the stablecoin.

Among the partner members of the Center Consortium who support the initiative we find Circle, which is the creator of the stablecoin USD, e Coinbase.

The prizes earned are credited monthly in real time and can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies on the Exchange.

Circle, as creator of the cryptocurrency token, has already issued 1 billion tokens in circulation.

USD Coin supported by the Exchange Coinbase

As reported on post published on the blog of the popular Exchange Coinbase, users in supported jurisdictions can buy, sell, send and receive it stablecoin (USDC) in USD on and in the Coinbase iOS and Android apps.

US customers, except the state of New York, can buy and sell assets worldwide. Other geographical areas will be available in the future.

It is the first time that the Exchange Coinbase has supported a stablecoin. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, a USDC is a 1: 1 representation of a US dollar on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each USDC is guaranteed to 100% by a corresponding US dollar held in customer accounts.

The technology behind the stablecoin USDC was developed jointly by Coinbase and Circle, as partners and co-founders of the new CENTER consortium.

I benefits resulting are: easier programming and the ability to send assets quickly and quickly.

It represents an important step towards a more open financial system.

USD Coin on Coinbase: advantages

Here are the strength points arising from the use of the stablecoin USD Coin:

  • Improved sending and receiving. Two Ethereum Wallets can quickly send and receive any amount of USDC at any time of the day. Consumers can use the Coinbase app to send USDC, while remaining confident that the value is stable.
  • Use of the dApp. There is a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem and blockchain-based games. A USDC follows the ERC20 standard, which means it can be used with any app that accepts tokens based on that standard.
  • Easily programmable digital dollar. For Fintech developers and companies, a digital dollar like USDC is easier to program. For example, given the private keys for USDC, a program can easily send and receive them, using Ethereum's public blockchain.