Coinbase Paypal: now it's possible!

Paypal and cryptocurrencies

Paypal, we all know it for years like one of the best platforms for the exchange of money. Extremely simple, also available for business plans and perfectly integrated with Ebay and many online and offline payment systems. Moreover, it has a very useful anti-fraud program.

About a year ago it was expressed negatively against the crypto, saying that it would suspend all accounts that had somehow paid for Exchange or people for having cryptocurrencies.

This has always been a desire for Paypal owners, buying in crypto would actually be very simple because the paypal account can connect not only the credit card but also the current account with the advantage that the transaction would take place immediately.

Coinbase Paypal: now it's possible! - coinbase paypal

Coinbase tightens the agreement with Paypal

Coinbase , unlike the countless exchange , does not offer huge options, it is very simple and has remained with this policy, trying to make very few developments on its platform.

We have recently seen how he inserted the possibility of convert crypto among them, the continuous study to insert new crypto, the agreement with Circle for USDC

The agreement with Paypal has arrived, for the money only includes the withdrawal on paypal and not the purchase and only for the US.

So for American citizens there is already this opportunity, for the rest of the world they said they will extend the service.