The popularity of cryptocurrencies in Russia is growing

The popularity of cryptocurrencies in Russia is growing. A new survey reveals a greater spread of interest.

Growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in Russia - Russia Crypto

I succeeded they seem to be increasingly attracted to cryptocurrencies, and increasingly interested in evaluating their main features. In fact, according to a new Rominr poll, it has emerged that almost half of Russians have heard of criptovalute, and the 13% claims to have a good understanding of it.
Romir, part of the International Gallup Association in Russia, asked 1.500 citizens about their knowledge of cryptocurrency, and their plans to interact with the industry. Of these respondents, the 44% had heard of cryptocurrencies, the 13% said they had a good understanding of these assets while the 56% didn't know what the word meant.

Il survey he also noted that the 31% of respondents replied that they "imagine what cryptocurrencies are, but without having a clear, exact understanding of them".

We recall that Russia is formalizing its regulatory approach to some other aspects of main reference on the cryptocurrency phenomenon, including taxation, the activity of mining and the exchange of digital goods. In particular, after years of conflicting signals from lawmakers regarding the legality of Bitcoin (BTC), the first reading of the package of bills related to cryptocurrency and blockchain was successful just earlier this year. However, the Russian government still has to formally approve the statutes as a law.

The president of Romir, Andrey Milyokhin, noted that the results of the survey "have definitively shown that cryptocurrencies have not yet formed a significant financial instrument (...) Furthermore, the Russian company, having previously obtained bad answers from various schemes rich in enrichments, it is showing a healthy skepticism ".

The other news that emerged following the survey included a relationship between income and knowledge of the cryptographic sphere: people with lower incomes tended to learn more about cryptocurrency.

At the end of January, another cryptocurrency survey conducted by VCIOM had found that more than 56 per cent of Russians had heard of Bitcoin, with a peak of 74 per cent in the capital Moscow.