Cryptocurrency, Russia takes time and opens up to the blockchain

Cryptocurrency, Russia takes time and opens up to the blockchain. Here is what Putin said in a recent question / answer session with the press.

Cryptocurrency, Russia takes time and opens up to the blockchain - putin criptovalute 1024x576

La criptovaluta "Has its place in the world" and Russia should carefully consider when and how to participate in the development process of this digital asset: a few days ago, it was Vladimir Putin who supported it in a session of questions and answers with the Russian citizens. The president noted that "by definition" neither Russia nor any other country should own one national cryptocurrency.

In a long 4-hour session, there was therefore also room for the cryptocurrency world, with the journalist Artiom khokholikov who asked Putin to ask for an opinion on these assets, stating that it is a matter in which "all young people are interested", asking if Russia will have its own cryptocurrency and, if so, whether it will be controlled by the state.

Starting from the central topic, Putin he noted that the question was actually "incorrect" because neither Russia nor any other country should have its own encryption. "If we talk about cryptocurrency we are talking about something that goes beyond national borders," explained the president.

Putin then spoke about mining, stressing that this activity is not regulated in Russia. However, the situation will soon change with the adoption of new legislation currently under consideration in the Duma. He then stressed that the Moscow authorities have a very "accurate" attitude towards the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“In the vast majority of countries, cryptocurrency is not an instrument of particular reference. It is partially used in Japan, but in other countries it doesn't work, "he said Vladimir Putin. "However," added Putin, partially changing his tone, "such a phenomenon has its place in the world, and it is developing. We must carefully analyze, observe what is happening and see at what stage and how we can participate in this process and use it, among other things, to avoid any restrictions in the sphere of international financial activity ".

The head of the Russian state therefore touched on another topic concerning the cryptocurrency community, namely the fate of the Telegram messaging service. Russian special services claim that the app was used by terrorists and have requested its cryptographic keys, but found opposition from the founder, Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. According to Russian media reports, many members of the local community of Telegram they interpreted Putin's comments as a signal to the country's telecommunications regulator, Roskomnadzor, and to the Federal Security Service, FSB, in order to relieve pressure on the operator.