EOS listed on Coinbase is about to release a Social

Eos, one of the most discussed ICOs ever in 2018 thanks to its ambitious project, that of creating a user friendly environment for the development of Dapp was listed a few days ago on the Coinbase Exchange (see Coinbase guide).

EOS listed on Coinbase

We know that being listed on this important exchange brings great prestige, both because there are few coins available, and because only after a careful analysis does Coinbase make the decision to insert the coins in its system.  

We also remember the great ease of use even of the App Coinbase and the possibility of buying with card and bank transfer, if we add all these factors it is normal to think in a price increase as soon as there is the listing.

EOS listing soaring

EOS listed on Coinbase is about to release a Social - eos listing

Also the quotation of EOS it reflects the reasoning made, but there is also another reason.

EOS announces a SOCIAL

There have been rumors about a very important thing with the multi-million dollar investment in a project, this combined with Coinbase may have caused the price to rise a lot.

At the exit of the official news, however, we find an important drop, some are disappointed because it is a social network on blockchain, we say that we are already full of social media, recently it has also closed Google+ and this shows that it is not easy to establish itself among the already existing social networks.

Yes, the novelty is that it is developed on blockchain but also a lot Facebook is realizing its crypto.