EOS: downside around the corner? What are the cryptocurrency forecasts?

EOS is a blockchain platform used to develop decentralized apps (dapps), and its prices have been around for about a month on the threshold of 4 dollars, standing in a phase of perpetual congestion.

It went from a low of $ 1,5409 last December to one exponential growth of 140%.

Many traders and expert analysts fear a fall in the price of EOS: let's find out all the details!

EOS quote: graphic analysis

By observing the graphic test it is possible to notice a resistance constant, which is well suited to the implementation of short strategies, which allow you to invest carefully considering the risks.

EOS: downside around the corner? What are the predictions on cryptocurrency? - EOS Forecast Graphic Analysis 2019

The EOS platform looks like the fifth listed cryptocurrency, and according to a graphic test, its assessments have reached a phase of congestion.

The fact that the value of this cryptocurrency is so high could assume a particularly high risk for investors: in the event that things started to go wrong, the cryptocurrency would experience a strong loss.

For this reason, the short strategies seem to be the right solution, to avoid unpleasant economic losses.

Such strategies would presuppose the exploitation of the arrival of the quotations to the areas of resistance, indicating the entry on the stock exchange with a minimum figure of 3,5611 dollars, the stop loss a dollars 4,067 and the goal a dollars 3.

EOS: the cryptocurrency of the future?

The EOS platform is considered as the cryptocurrency of the future. The ICOs (initial coin offering) of EOS have been particularly constant; the performance of the ICO recorded in the first period, the distribution of 200 million tokens, while in the subsequent phases the distribution fell by about 2 million.

I strengths of this cryptocurrency are: scalability, flexibility, and usability. These three characteristics allow it to position itself at a high level compared to other cryptocurrencies.

When you are talking about scalability, it is intended that the EOS platform is able to support a large number of transactions at the same time; there flexibility allows shareholders to be able to interrupt a transaction at any time in the event of any problems. And, with the character of usability, means a cryptocurrency accessible to all, even to those who do not have great knowledge in the IT field.

EOS: how to buy them?

Assets can be purchased in three ways. The most popular way allows you to buy cryptocurrencies from Exchange best known; in other cases, you can purchase them by owning a wallet which supports EOS.

The most interesting way allows you to buy through i contracts for difference which allow traders to immediately acquire the acquired share.

The short strategies implemented to cope with a possible drop in EOS allow you to implement a safer, risk-free form of purchase.
Avoiding a collapse is the main goal of this platform which offers a decentralized virtual service, which has always recorded excellent results.

In any case, it is possible that the performance of the cryptocurrency is particularly subject to a decline, from the moment in which it is significantly exposed to trends in continuous movement.