Exchange Bankera ready! We expected something more

After months and months of waiting, theexchange of Bankera, first announce in the second half of 2018, then in the last four months, then in the fall, then ready only for those who were already customers and finally now it works. To justify the whole a couple of releases from the blog that said how safety was important for the development of this platform.

Exchange Banker 

Meanwhile let's remember that the token of Bankera BNK has lost about 80% of its value ico Bankera (who had collected an astronomical amount) and promised to be there bank of the future because beyond the exchange it was the intention to have bank concessions and authorizations to become a bank.

Let's go to the exchange and its marketing plan for the launch:

  • no new currency or token that could attract attention
  • just a couple of articles announcing its release
  • no small competition, as everyone does, call them trading competition 
  • some useless posts with the usual 3 days / 2 / 1 countdown

In short, a really sad beginning.

Only 5 coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, XEM, BNK 

Exchange Bankera ready! We expected something more - 5 moente

Exchange features

no noteworthy features, no apps to consult it, no news, the usual by for limit and market order for those 5 coins ...

Why did this happen?

It seems that it is a project put there so much because it had to, otherwise it would have lost credibility even on Spectrocoin of which they are now owners and there are exactly those 5 coins on who you now want to trade.

It absolutely does not seem like a project made with enthusiasm, with the desire to bring all the innovation that you wanted to do.

What do you think?