Exchange Luno: credit and debit card purchases for ETH and BTC

La Luno exchange platform, also used for the deposit of its own cryptocurrencies, has decided to allow its users to purchase both Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) see Bitcoin quotation through your debit or credit card, per speed up and simplify transactions

Luno: cheaper credit and debit card transactions 

Luno is a platform that operates in the cryptocurrency field for about six years, and at the moment its presence in the market is fairly stable in fact it counts over two and a half million members present in forty different countries in the world, among which it is also possible to find many Italian users. 

The choice of this platform to facilitate credit and debit card purchases is certainly to be appreciated. In fact, most exchanges operating in the industry usually require commissions (See exchange commissions) with tariffs as high and not at all economic that discourage the use of this tool. 

Luno instead brought the cost of commissions at a very low level of 1,5%. Going down so much the rate required for this type of operation, at the moment one of the best platforms for those who want to buy is presented cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ether simply with their debit and credit cards. Moreover, Luno has chosen to provide this possibility not only to those who work and buy from the web platform, but also to those who do it with its applications for iOS and Android. 

The credit or debit card payment process on Luno 

Luno has arranged a specific purchase path for those interested in paying with credit and debit card at an 1,5% rate. To buy cryptocurrencies using this method, you need to deposit your funds using the credit card in the Luno euro-denominated account. After doing this, the euro money on the Luno account can be used to buy ETH or BTC. After the operation, the cryptocurrencies will be transferred to the Luno wallet.

Welcome bonus on Luno

There is also an interesting bonus, if you register with this link Luno  and purchases 250 euro of Bitcoin you will have 15 euro for free.