Fieldcoin Ltd will decentralize the agricultural industry

Fieldcoin Ltd. will connect landowners and investors by generating synergies

Fieldcoin is a blockchain-based platform that connects landowners with investors and financiers. This facilitates the immediate execution of real estate or land transactions, without intermediaries and in a safe environment.

Traditionally, locally, land was negotiated in words. However, during the last decades, globalization has driven owners away from local investors. In recent years, land owners and farms have noticed how intermediaries have changed, a change that affects both local economies and global markets.

Fieldcoin uses the current legal framework combined with blockchain technology to allow faster and cheaper transactions. In this situational context, Fieldcoin Ltd. provides sufficient tools to restore natural order.

The Fieldcoin platform is a digitized ecosystem for management and transfer without the high commission costs. It is a meeting place to negotiate locally or globally immediately and reliably. There are 2 levels of ownership: "offchain", To comply with national regulations and"onchain", Registered and negotiable in the blockchain. In their documentation they describe offchain operations as follows:

"Fieldcoin Ltd or a third party company DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) holds the title deeds registered in the national cadastral register, while the token owner owns a part of the company which represents the specific land purchased on the platform."

Digitizing the agricultural sector by offering empowerment and infrastructure is Fieldcoin's immediate goal

This is where onchain operations come into play. Logic is imposed and offers solutions to the problems that have haunted us for decades. Sometimes, we see how some initial offers do not consolidate the idea presented, for different reasons. It is for this reason that the operating ecosystem must be precise and orderly. Creating a tool for stable transactions is the starting point. Exploiting the potential of technology blockchain, the platform will facilitate the process of operating with the lands, thus opening up an ecosystem of incalculable quantities.

The agricultural and industrial sectors are inevitably united for logical reasons. However, digital breach has increased in this pairing. It requires global solutions that promote the digitalization of the sector which is solid and reliable.
For this, the founders and a large team of professionals coordinated the efforts with the Fieldcoin platform as the resulting product: a decentralized global market that is involved in an entire platform of agricultural services and operations.

Fair Empowerment and Crowdfunding P2P, First steps to consolidate adoption

FieldCoin will provide a transparent environment in which collective funding will be promoted. In order to improve the sector, current innovations and results will be seen progressively. In the field of agricultural enterprises, we find a broad spectrum in which to deepen.

Online management is something rooted for the new generations. However, agriculture is a sector in which more traditional owners and investors converge. Fieldcoin puts a global market that operates 24/7 in the palm of your hand. In that market, another use case for the FCO token: financing. In the third quarter of 2019, the first round of crowdfunding for agribusiness is scheduled.

The platform will process the proposals for improvement, research, downsizing and restructuring, among others. If we take the owner side into consideration, the change is total. The uncertainties and additional costs associated with intermediaries - transactions with opacity points, delays in collections and abusive commissions - are almost entirely eliminated.

Supporting the local farmer requires planning and Fieldcoin will provide agricultural scale plans. The synergy is realized by supporting modern techniques, increasing profitability and sustainability. The most realistic and innovative agricultural projects will be chosen and investors will be part of the equation with their contributions.

A more efficient, liquid and sustainable market that offers economic and social advantages

The Fieldcoin platform offers multiple use cases, all linked from FCO token. Through the platform, landowners can access and manage a complete and diversified range of services.

In terms of buying or selling land, the panel offers a interactive portal within its software. Buyers around the world are connected through a crop management-oriented panel. The panel is meticulously designed, in addition to acquiring the management of the offers on these lands or plots.

If instead you want to build infrastructure or evaluate land, the panel itself consists of the necessary functions and allows access to a large team of professionals available to offer 24/24 support, something never seen in the rural sector. In addition to the above, liquidity variants are offered on collective financing initiatives.

FCO tokens will be considered valid as collateral, facilitating liquidity in the form of loans to token holders. In terms of liquidity and use cases, the Depository Network (DEPO) secured first place. The decentralized cross-platform collateral infrastructure will list the FCO token, accepting it as collateral for loans and deposits.

Using traditional methods, many landowners receive payments for their crops months later. Therefore, the tokenizing of lands in a p2p ecosystem will offer a time frame based on natural needs. We will no longer see producers who have to wait months to get paid for their efforts and the harvest. It will be finished with FCO.

Details on the sale of FCO tokens offered by Fieldcoin Ltd

FCO is a token ERC-20 whose value has been set to $ 0,05. Token sale will be offered in 2 different phases. Of the 1 billion total token offering, 790 million are available for purchase by investors. The sum is distributed between the initial pre-sale phase and the subsequent public sale. Additional amounts will be distributed as detailed in the white paper.
The first phase (presale) will take place from 4 12 to February and offers investors a 100% bonus for the first million dollars raised. "
Public sale will begin on April 2 and will offer variable bonuses. For the first 100 million FCO tokens sold during the public sale, investors will be rewarded with a bonus of 50%. The bonus decreases by 10% for every subsequent 100 million tokens.

Traceability from Land to Fork, management 3.0 in a fast and transparent ecosystem

In terms of services, blockchain technology ensures serious difficulties when someone tries to cheat rumors or recordings; With blockchain almost impossible to manipulate, the advantages compared to the traditional paper model for the management of data records and their management are evident.

With these advantages, an entire ecosystem of global renewal comes into play on the basis of traceability of food. The first to notice the advantage is the consumer, who enjoys the freshness of his daily food guaranteed via blockchain.

The proposed model records food inputs and outputs on the blockchain. In addition to saving paper costs and traditional rudimentary methods, it accelerates the mobility of data interoperability because it is public and everyone can check the transaction history.
Times are changing and new technologies offer greater precision in the management of Big Data.

In terms of human resources, these records are publicly stored, in a reliable and secure way, bringing management effectiveness and profitability. In this way, professionals in the sector can spend less time on banalities and provide high quality information to customers, farmers and land owners.

The platform will promote training and sustainability, both locally and globally, through the Fieldcoin Foundation

If you find the project presented by Fieldcoin Ltd (London, United Kingdom), we invite you to find out more. From the following official links you can find information on The Fieldcoin Foundation initiatives.

Among some initiatives: The program of access to basic services such as water and electricity. Promote local employment through agricultural education and improve logistics by improving the infrastructure in the prolific areas and their respective roads; Facilitate access to areas of interest for the project, local communities and their stakeholders.