MasterCard's CEO defines cryptocurrencies as junk

MasterCard's CEO defines cryptocurrencies as junk. Hard position by Ajay Banga.

The CEO of MasterCard defines the cryptocurrencies as junk - crypt332 1024x709

Le cryptocurrency are garbage, at least according to the CEO of MasterCard, Ajay Banga.

Banga particularly said that cryptocurrency is like "junk", because "the idea of ​​an anonymous currency produced by people who make mining, whose value can fluctuate wildly ... for me it is certainly not the right one to be considered a medium of exchange ".

Mastercard and cryptocurrencies

The top manager of MasterCard He added that encryption is used primarily for black market transactions, with over 95% of all transactions allegedly attributable to drugs, credit card fraud and even child prostitution.

From where he took those figures we will never know, so much so that some observers have pointed out that these statements are equivalent to opinions that are not too responsible by a CEO of a large multinational company like MasterCard.

Furthermore, Banga went on to say that a currency that offers little or no transparency is unpredictable and not worth using for conducting transactions.