NFT collector Punk6529 connects art and NFTs with the launch of a new project 

NFT Collector Punk6529 Connects Art and NFTs With New Project Launch - IM NFT Influencer Marketing Featured1 2022 Q1 02The evolution of the NFT art world and the COVID-19 pandemic have also forced auction houses and art galleries to reinvent the wheel and bring art auctions and exhibitions to the living rooms of art enthusiasts. art.

With an interest in NFTs and the metaverse accelerating to supersonic speed, Christie's and Sotheby's have also entered this space with conviction.

It is therefore hardly surprising to see NFT enthusiasts launching NFT projects in the metaverse.

Punk6529 at the Museum District with an exhibition of artistic NFT

Overnight, Punk6529 took to Twitter to unveil OM, an open metaverse project that aims to hand over control to the community.

An impressive video highlights the Museum District and the spaces available.

Punk6529 tweeted:

"This is the alpha version of the first district (the" 6529 Museum District ") of the first city (" Genesis City ") of OM".

Punk6529 then sends out a series of tweets to describe OM and outline OM's goal.

“The goal is a decentralized open metaverse that can scale up to 100.000.000 people. 10 cities of 10M each, each with hundreds of districts, with cities, villages and nature in between ”.

Punk6529 continues tweeting:

"My dream world is 5.000 self-managed districts in 10 self-managed cities in a self-managed world."

In the decentralization ethos, Punk6529 added:

“I don't want your ETH, I want your input on how to design OM. I collect in public, I invest in public and we will build OM in public together ”. 

In total, 33 tweets exposed the basics of OM

NFTs and the art world laid the foundation for the Punk6529 museum district

The relationship between the art world, NFTs and the metaverse blossomed in 2022. World-renowned auction houses, including Sotheby's and Christie's, entered the NFT space and metaverse.

In 2021, Christie's sold its most expensive NFT, EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS, for a staggering $ 69,3 million. To date, Beeple's first NFT remains the most expensive NFT ever sold. The artist behind EVERYDAYS also sold the second most expensive NFT, titled Human One, at Christie's auction for $ 28,9 million.

- CryptoPunk NFT they have also achieved impressive sums through NFT markets. CryptoPunk 4156 went for 2.500 ETH, equivalent to $ 10,2 million on the sale.

Such is the hype for popular NFT collections, Sotheby's held a live auction 'Punk It! 104 CryptoPunks' in February.

As art and the virtual world are intertwined, the metaverse has become a hotbed for art enthusiasts. Art galleries have embraced the metaverse to deliver art to aficionados.

For the likes of Christie's and Sotheby's, the OM project raises the bar and ushers in a new dawn for artists and art lovers.