Kiss frontman accepts cryptocurrencies for the sale of the Las Vegas mansion

Kiss frontman accepts cryptocurrencies for sale of Las Vegas mansion - Gene Simmons 835Famous rock star Gene Simmons has revealed that he will accept cryptocurrency payments for the upcoming sale of his $ 13,5 million mansion. The sale of the Los Angeles mansion is mediated by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services who reported that cryptocurrency payments will need to be "verified through closing costs, including taxes and fees."

The Kiss singer is no stranger to cryptocurrencies 

In an interview on the YouTube channel Altcoin Daily, Simmons said he owns bitcoin, ether and litecoin, adding that he bought bitcoin when the price was around $ 10.000. Smart him. We remind our readers that it is possible to make profits even with cryptocurrency trading, but only if done through safe and reliable platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution.

Simmons may have made significant gains in cryptocurrency, however the famous rock legend has already amassed a net worth of $ 450 million from his commercial ventures along with selling over 100 million records.

“I have been a staunch supporter of cryptocurrencies from the very beginning. It's the future of money, and it just makes sense to offer interested parties the ability to use cryptocurrencies to buy property. " Simmons stated

The property in question is located in Las Vegas and offers views of the Las Vegas Valley and the Strip. The six-bedroom, eight-bathroom property is located within the private Ascaya community and was Simmons' home, having bought it nearly two years ago for $ 8,7 million, along with the lot next door for 2,4, XNUMX million dollars. 

The recent decline doesn't scare him

Simmons does not appear to be upset by the recent drop in the cryptocurrency market, however it is interesting to note that the cryptocurrencies accepted for the mansion do not include Cardano (ADA). Last year Simmons tweeted about his interest in Cardano, stating:

“I just bought $ 300.000 worth of CARDANO (ADA). I am not a financial analyst and I am not telling you to buy or not to buy. Simply by letting you know what I am doing and what I believe in. Because? Because I believe it is climbing… and it is always up to you to research and decide ”.

Real estate agent Ryan Serhant commented on the trend for crypto real estate transactions, noting in an interview:

"I see a world very soon where 50% of all real estate transactions are done with crypto, and where contracts are registered on the blockchain and 'signed' as NFTs (non-fungible tokens)," noted Serhant. "Our agents are currently working on many crypto wallet-to-wallet transactions now, both in NYC and Florida - a trend you will read a lot about in 2022 as wealthy crypto holders seek to diversify into real estate." 

What do you think of it? Do you have enough cryptocurrencies in your e-wallet to buy Simmons' mansion?