The CONM Coinerium token combines fast payments and resistance to volatility

Coinerium's CONM token is the proposal for daily payments and transactions

Bitcoin is occasionally said to be a form of storing value, a payment system or a global currency. In some ways, confusion or disagreement is caused by the ability to Bitcoin to perform all three functions. However, the high volatility of the crypto-currencies causes traditional risk-averse investors to discharge them. The main goal of Coinerium is to ensure that users can transfer funds on a daily basis through their CONM token without risk of loss and in a safe environment.

The token WITH M is the token created by and for Coinerium's objectives to transfer funds in a simple, decentralized and secure way. To this end, the risks of loss due to volatility are eliminated by anchoring to the dollar. Therefore, each CONM is equivalent to $ 1 (US dollar). Today, stable tokens or stablecoins have made a dizzying comeback. After the launch and the proven utility of Tether, the cryptographic space embraces the stablecoins. The advantages are considerable, when redeeming Bitcoin for Dollar or Euro the operations become slow and expensive; however, with crypto-stable tokens to trade for Bitcoin against the Dollar or Euro it gained in ease and speed.

Coinerium introduces a blockchain ecosystem for replace cash payments; through secure and virtually zero cost transactions in a secure environment. Next, we analyze the project involving the CONM token in a decentralized payment ecosystem via blockchain.

Ecosystem functions around the CONM token

Token format is a standard ERC-20 on the Ethereum network, compatible with the portfolios of the most popular and secure networks such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto, among others. Also included are cold storage compartments compatible with the ERC-20 standard. In terms of data privacy, today there are all kinds of tools for tracking financial and other data. With the right tool and a few clicks, anyone can easily predict our actions on the network, from the volume of our transactions up to estimating our approximate earnings or our most personal preferences.

The battle to guess the next product, good, food or garment in trend is fought on the net. This is the reason why users or companies may not want their transactions to occur on a completely public or centralized platform. Total transparency can lead to a violation of the right to privacy; some data are sensitive to being written in chains of incorruptible and public blocks.

In this regard, Coinerium has developed an ecosystem that respects users' financial privacy, imitating the privacy offered by cash payments (physical exchanges of currency or banknotes). The centralization of private data becomes an attack vector for i cyber-criminals; in addition to diluting trust, it can lead to misuse of third party data.

Coinerium's portfolio is also available for mobile devices. In addition, connoisseurs of the blockchain industry, customer service support will be established. Administrators have public accounts for easy localization by users. Focused on the loyalty of new users by addressing problems, questions and incidents that users may have. The process is as simple as downloading the application and registering the phone number.

Merchants and retailers will have a global, fast and stable payment system

In the Coinerium ecosystem, merchants are defined as companies that accept payments in CONM tokens in exchange for their products or services. Together with individual users, they are the backbone of decentralized communities. In this sense, market makers have their place secured at Coinerium after an initial approval. To develop the cashless cashless community, a software development kit (SDK) has been introduced. Any vendor who downloads and configures the SDK can accept payments in CONM tokens.

Traders will have two main categories on the platform (Standard and Approved). Standard traders, who are traders who use Coinerium only as a payment intermediary and will not charge your Coinerium. Approved merchants are merchants who meet the necessary requirements. Requirements established by the foundation to be able to debit in any currency from the foundation, with a minimum limit of 1000 Coins. An average commission of 5% will be taken by the foundation.

Details and specifications on token distribution

The CONM token is part of the recent category of stable tokens (Stablecoins), it has been configured in such a way that its value is anchored to the price of the US currency. One detail that caught our attention is the proportion of tokens available for the acquisition of investors, 70% of the total. This results in a low capitalization by the founders who decentralize distribution to the maximum. The minimum wagers are set at $ 1.000.000, while the maximum is set at $ 5.000.000.

ICO starts the 30 April 2019

As you can see in the documentation, (70%) tokens are available for the acquisition in the different phases (pre-sale and initial sale). As an ERC-20 token, investors must have a compatible address for the Ethereum network. The remaining 30% will be assigned to three groups formed by Advisors (consultants and / or salespeople), Teams and Awards / Airdrops; each of them was assigned 10% of the total respectively. For more detailed information on the initial sale and the conditions of participation, we recommend reviewing the technical document.Whitepaper.

The total amount of the Coinerium in circulation will be insured in a smart contract (150% guarantee deposit in Ethereum). Due to recent money laundering concerns, individual users will not be able to collect through the foundation; they will be able to exchange the Coinerium CONM token in exchanges. As previously mentioned, only traders selected and approved in the system will be able to convert their Coinrium in currency of confidence. If you want to know more about Coinerium you can visit social networks or the website for more details and updates.


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