In France, a real boom for cryptocurrencies is expected in the 2020

In France a real boom for cryptocurrencies is expected, in the 2020 - bitcoin france

The news coming from France, where as many as 25 stores are ready to accept payments in Bitcoin is increasing confidence in supporters of cryptocurrencies in every part of the globe. In fact, many analysts believe that the announcement made in this regard during Paris Retail Week represents a real milestone in the history of the sector. In particular they believe that the agreement reached between Easywallet e 30 big brands of the transalpine distribution be able to change not only the approach, but also the attitude of consumers and legislators towards digital currencies.

What are the terms of the agreement?

It was the newspaper Le Figaro to publish a detailed article on the EasyWallet application and its collaboration with 30 brands within the French territory, as a result of which thousands of businesses will accept BTC payments. In particular, the subject of the agreement is a payment system established following a partnerships between EasyWallet, Global POS and the cryptographic payment provider East2PlayPayment.
Increasing the euphoria of the crypto-fans is in particular the name of the brands that adhere to the agreement. Just scroll through the list to find names like Sephora, Decathlon, Foot Locker, Conforama, Maison du Monde, Intersport, Boulanger, Norauto and Culture. For some of them, in particular Sephora it is also a new approach, considering how the cosmetics and beauty chain has already created one in the 2018 collaboration with Lolli aimed at providing cryptographic incentives to customers who buy in the online store, granting prizes to be converted into gift vouchers.

Bitcoin in France: 2020 boom?

The question asked by many, once the agreement was made public, is the following: will there be a Bitcoin boom in France in 2020?
If for now caution prevails, it should be noted that not a few experts are unbalanced in this regard, also in light of what happened during this year. In fact, already in January, local tobacconists have started selling Bitcoins along with cigarettes and lottery tickets. April instead saw France give birth to her first week dedicated to Blockchain, in Paris, and adopt the law PACTE, an action plan aimed at growing the entire sector that revolves around this technology, with a series of measures designed to facilitate access to diversified financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. In practice, a more harmonious legal framework where ICOs, public quotations, investment capital and crowdfunding find their place thanks to the simplification of the procedures reserved for suppliers of digital resources operating within the French territory.
The issue of specific legislation for cryptocurrencies is slow, even if the attitude of politics, and consequently of the legislator, seems to be changing also significantly, despite the expressed opposition to Libra, the virtual currency put in place by Facebook which is looked at with great suspicion even in Paris. A suspicion that instead seems to quickly abandon Bitcoin, which in fact does not seem to nourish the same inordinate ambitions highlighted by Mark Zuckenberg's cryptocurrency in his Whitepaper.