France: 25 thousand shops will accept Bitcoin payments, starting next year

France: 25mila shops will accept Bitcoin payments, starting next year - bitcoin 22

From next year, over 25 thousand French shops will accept Bitcoin payments. A very important news for the queen of cryptocurrencies, which is therefore starting to become more and more widespread, considering how among those who open their transactions at BTC there are large distribution groups, such as Sephora (perfumery) e Decathlon (sportswear).

BTC protagonist of the 3.0 economy

It was the information portal Cryptoglobe to report the news, citing as a basis the announcement made during Paris Retail Week, an event currently taking place in the transalpine capital. The launch of the new payment system, which other cryptocurrencies should be associated with later, is the result of a partnership between Global POS, supplier of technologies dedicated to sales points, the application EasyWallet and the payment platform Easy2Play.
Thanks to it, consumers will be able to make their Bitcoin payments, as the funds involved in the transactions will be immediately converted into euros during the sale. They will be two partners, Savitar e Deskoin, to provide the conversion service, enabled to do so as a result of submitting an application in order to be able to operate as a Digital Asset Service Provider, as required by the PACTE regulation, which acts as a legislative reference for the sector in France.

Who participates in the initiative

In addition to Decathlon and Sephora, the initiative will see the participation of a large number of names already known, including Boulanger, Foot Locker, Intersport, World House, Norauto, Cultura and Maisons du Monde. Precisely on the basis of the list of illustrious participants, Stéphane Djiane, CEO and founder of Global POS, said that the project underway represents a symbolic step of considerable importance with regard to the adoption and evolution of payment systems in the Transalpine country. A significant step above all because represents a decisive step towards the so-called Economy 3.0.

The importance of the Bitcoin project

Not only Bitcoin will be greatly appreciated in the importance of the project, but also the whole cryptocurrency sector. The adoption of virtual currencies for the payments of such a vast number of commercial businesses is in fact to confirm the validity of digital assets in the context of online transactions and the intuition that served as the basis for their affirmation, tending precisely to highlight its potential in this regard.
At a time when the project Pound is strongly opposed by political and monetary institutions, BTC scores a very important blow, demonstrating its validity with a view to rationalizing and speeding up payments. A seal that wiped out many of the malicious voices that over the last few years have corollary to its statement, especially those that would like to label it as a simple speculative tool. The French project, in fact, could soon be replicated in other countries, giving the right to BTC and Altcoin to establish itself decisively as an essential tool for speeding up payments and how financial inclusion tool that many people who have difficulty interacting with the traditional banking world could benefit from.