The grave accusations of Craig Wright against Binance, Bitfinex and Tether

As is known, the cryptocurrency they have also been accused of setting up in the recent past a real Trojan horse for the criminal economy, which would use them not only to finance illegal operations, but also to launder dirty capital. An accusation brought by traditional financial circles, probably on the wave of concern for the competition that digital assets could move to traditional ones, which, however, now finds bank just in that world of the cryptocurrency advocates, who should also be concerned with countering such an infamous brand.

Craig Wright with his head down

Indeed, the protagonist of extremely serious accusations was Craig Wright, or the one who for some time has been trying to attribute the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, or the inventor of the Bitrcoin, so much so that he was renamed for his battle "Faketoshi".
During a conference that took place in Toronto in order to promote its Bitcoin SV (BSV), Wright accused Bitcoin of now being used only for illegal operations. In particular, among these operations, he mentioned those that would finance not only prostitution, but also the enslavement of women in many parts of the globe. The statements in question are very harsh and call into question Binance, Bitfinex e Tether which would act as fuel for a long series of transactions that have the sole and exclusive purpose of pumping money to be used for opaque idle operations. According to Wright, even 30% of Binance's funds would be used to finance female prostitution at this precise moment, while a similar percentage of those of Binance and Tether would promote female slavery ”.

Very serious accusations, but for now remained without echo

As you can easily understand, Wright's accusations are indeed far-reaching, going to configure crimes of extreme gravity. Accusations which have been moved, however, without the support of any evidence and which have so far been ignored by those directly involved, so much so that Binance's management promptly branded them as simple nonsense proclaiming his desire to focus on more serious things.
According to some observers, the words in question would still be interpreted as one response to the delisting operated by Binance against BSV, which has started similar moves by other exchanges, among which, however, Bitfinex does not appear. Delisting that however has not prevented the virtual currency from growing significantly over the past few weeks.

Wright is not new to twists

It should also be stressed that Craig Wright is certainly not new to twists of this kind, if you only think that in his attempt to accredit himself as the real Satoshi Nakamoto, at the beginning of the year he sent to the American federal body CFTC (Commodity and Future Trade Commission) a document stating that Bitcoin would have been created within an Australian national program carried out by AusIndustry, the federal agency of Canberra, in competition with the Department of Innovation under the name of BlackNet, in which he himself would have participated assuming the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. AusIndustry, in the period indicated, 1997, it set up a branch of the Australian Department of Industry which, for three years now, had in turn been involved in the development of technological innovation and the possible repercussions on business development in Australia.

Bad publicity for digital assets

If Wright's accusations seem to have been underestimated for now, the most discerning observers immediately realized that they could very soon go to rekindle the controversy against the virtual uniforms, providing arguments to their detractors. Moreover, critical voices against Bitcoin had already arisen in the past, supported by statements such as those of  Natalya Kaspersky, co-founder and former CEO of Kaspersky Lab and head of the InfoWatch group, who during a presentation at the ITMO University in St. Petersburg, Russia, had stated that it was nothing more than a project carried out by the CIA to finance its operations abroad without having to go through Congress. However, the words spoken by Wright are much more serious and potentially devastating for the reputation of the whole sector.