Cryptocurrencies also break into the NFL with Litecoin

Cryptocurrencies also break into the NFL with Litecoin - Miami Dolphins

even the American Football opens to cryptocurrencies. To sanction the entry of digital assets into one of the most loved and practiced sports by the Americans is the agreement reached between the Litecoin Foundation and the Miami Dolphins, one of the most iconic teams in the National Football League (NFL), the most important professional league in the United States. Based on the partnership signed, LTC will become the official virtual uniform of the famous Florida team and will thus have the opportunity to enter full sail at the Hard Rock Stadium, the den that hosts the Dolphins races and its passionate audience.

What does the agreement with Litecoin include?

In particular, the agreement between Miami Dolphins, Litecoin and Aliant Payments will offer those who usually attend the races the opportunity to pay Litecoin to purchase tickets for the team's 50/50 lottery, while half of the proceeds in question will go to the Miami Dolphins Foundation and to the numerous charities that see it as protagonist.
For Litecoin it is a considerable blow in terms of image, considered as American football is one of the national sports in the USA and boasts millions of fans all over the globe. Already in the past the Litecoin Foundation had taken steps to forge partnerships with leagues and sporting events, starting with the one with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), one of the main martial arts event organizations, which had allowed the Litecoin logo to appear in plain sight on the octagon theater of the meetings that took place at the end of last year in Los Angeles.

American football, however, boasts considerably wider coverage and television audience, practically unifying the country with the Super Bowl, the final act of the year, when being able to get their commercials to pass costs an eye to the companies concerned.

To comment on the agreement was signed Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and CEO of the Litecoin Foundation, which has not failed to underline how the partnership with a famous brand like the Miami Dolphins is capable of increasing the appeal of LTC out of all proportion.

Sports and cryptocurrencies: an increasingly popular combination

The agreement between Litecoin and Miami Dolphins is yet another act in the direction of a increasingly profitable combination, that between virtual currencies and sport. Sports clubs are among the most responsive to the possibilities offered by digital assets, having to manage electronic payments relating to ticketing and merchandising.

Among the best known disciplines that have already taken steps to open up in this sense, the football, where it is necessary to remember the primogeniture of the Benfica, the famous Portuguese club which has decided to allow its fans to pay for the tickets for the matches held at the Estádio da Luz in Bitcoin ed Ethereum.

A decision that went far beyond those previously made by other top clubs like Paris Saint Germain e Juventus and which seems to prelude to an increasingly massive landing of cryptocurrencies in a football perpetually in search of new sources of income.