Litecoin decided to integrate MimbleWimble to improve the blockchain

Litecoin has decided to integrate MimbleWimble to improve the blockchain - Litecoin 1

Charlie Lee in his tweet he recently said that the Litecoin team will continue to work to better integrate the new protocol MimbleWimble on the blockchain of cryptocurrency. One of Grin's main developers, David Burkett, is now working on design with Lee himself. 

Recently Litecoin has also had to pass through a halving which consequently led to the halving of the related premiums, and consequently the LTC rewards. Following this, there was again a noticeable drop of his blockchain hashratethus leading many of the participants to abandon the project, because this is no longer as profitable as it once was. 

The collaboration e integration with MimbleWimble therefore it is very important for Litecoin. In fact, this possibility for the cryptocurrency does not appear out of nowhere, but it has already been in the pipeline for a while, it has already been talked about since February of this year, precisely because Litecoin's interest towards the integration of MimbleWimble is very high. 

Obviously this integration serves Litecoin to succeed make the blockchain more scalable, the problem is the same that Vitalik Buterin is currently also trying to tackle with the cryptocurrency blockchain Ethereum, even if he is opting for a different solution aiming accordingly on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.