Litecoin breaks through the 100 Euro wall!

Good news for all those who cheer or who use Litecoin, since yesterday, 100 Euros have been exceeded, a psychological barrier, sure, but significant.

Litecoin breaks through the 100 Euro

There is no real news behind this peak, in a few days, as you can see from the graph, we went from about 80 dollars to 110, many wonder why ...

Litecoin breaks through the 100 Euro wall! - litecoin

Technically we have a general growth of the whole crypto market, obviously driven by Bitcoin (see the Bitcoin quotation in real time) that between yesterday and today gives us an 8% gain, it has been a long time since such a strong rise was seen, then positioning itself with 57% of Dominance.

Litecoin, as usually happens, follows the trend of Bitcoin, is used as a trading currency and preferred for the low costs of fees for buying and selling.

All here on Litecoin?

Well no, and if there was a real Run Bull behind in view of its Halving in August?

Do you know what a Halving is? It's very simple, every 210000 blocks the reward, or rather the reward for those who undermine Litecoin is halved, then it goes from 12 to 6, usually in view of Halving there has always been a surge in the price, some therefore assume that the race has already started 

Litecoin quote in real time

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