NDAX is partnering with Ledger: here is the news

NDAX is partnering with Ledger: here is the news. An important opening to the world of institutional investors.

NDAX enters into partnership with Ledger: here are the news - ndax

National Digital Asset Exchange Inc. (NDAX), Canadian leader in the currency cryptographic exchange sector, announced that it had tightened one official partnership with Ledger, the well-known global operator in security solutions  hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies and for block chain applications, to launch a reliable and customizable crypto asset storage solution.

As stated in the note with which the partnership is communicated, in fact, one of the key factors that prevents the institutions from being fully involved in the cryptographic value sector is precisely the lack of efficient custody solutions. Hence, billions of dollars of institutional money that do not enter the sector because it is not considered sufficiently valid from the point of view of security and convenience that, if they were to enter, could make the crypto-value ecosystem take a step forward. On the other hand, the note states, the integration of the NDAX institutional trading platform with Ledger Vault, will bring greater levels of security and trust.

What is the new NDAX offer

Also based on what has been disclosed, the cryptocurrency custody offer that was recently launched by NDAX provides financial institutions with an IT infrastructure to more securely control their cryptocurrency assets with a multi-authorization management solution that it should increase the level of protection.

Leveraging Ledger's security technology, now a consolidated industry leader, NDAX is therefore pursuing the cryptography sector by providing family offices, hedge funds and financial institutions with the possibility of obtaining direct exposure to digital assets without compromising on safety.

"The recent QuadrigaCX scandal, during which around 190 million dollars of client funds disappeared, was an important wake-up call for investors in encrypted currencies around the world."Said the founder and CEO of NDAX, Bilal Hammoud. "Our relationship with Ledger Vault on behalf of NDAX to provide custody of all the cryptographic activities it supports, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, will strengthen the mission of NDAX to bring mass adoption of encrypted currency".

"The secure storage of large digital asset funds is complex and the exchanges and institutions are looking for safe, complete and integrated solutions"Said Demetrios Skalkotos, Global Head of Ledger Vault. "Leveraging the Ledger Vault, NDAX will give investors total control and immediate access to their funds, giving them peace of mind knowing their assets are safe ".

NDAX opens in Cardano (ADA)

However, this is not the only novelty that concerns NDAX in this period of April. Last Thursday, for example, NDAX surprised the crypto-value Canadian community claiming to have added another pair of fiat-based trading, ADA / CAD.

In short, NDAX is the first exchange to make the token available Cardano to trade directly with Canadian dollars. With the addition of ADA, encryption enthusiasts can therefore swap the new cryptocurrency quickly, securely and conveniently, with zero trading commissions until 31 May 2019.