New ETP thanks to the partnership between Amun and Binance

New ETP thanks to the partnership between Amun and Binance - Binance

A partnership was started today Binance and Amun to launch the first ETP at international level based on Binance Coin. 

The ETP will be issued today on Swiss SIX Scholarship in Zurich and has as ticker ABNB that replicates the price of BNB, with a negotiation that always begins during the day today. 

ABNB is issued by Amun AG and is administered through the Amun Onyx platform. Amun AG is a company of Swiss origin, leader in the field of ETP (Exchange-Trade Products) issues based on digital currencies. After issuing the ECH based on BCH, and one based which was instead based on 10% on ETH and 90% on BTC, after which it is now the turn of Binance Coin.

So until today, Amun has issued 8 ETPs based on cryptocurrencies. Its goal is to bridge the gap between the world of traditional finance and blockchain-based infrastructure. 

The two companies that carried in the stock market Binance Coin, reveal that this is only the first step to achieve a wider partnership, with the aim of launching more and more innovative products that can contribute to global transaction for cryptocurrencies. 

At the moment, Binance Coin is the native token of the Binance Chain and is presented in the eighth place among the digital currencies with a greater market capitalization in the whole world, and at the moment they have a value that is worth three times that of the beginning of the year. 

ANBN is presented as an ETP with a traditional financial structure, so it will be possible to access the large institutional and retail market. In this way, customers of SIX Swiss Exchange they can add BNB exposure to their equity portfolios in the same way as they buy shares. 

The CEO of Binance stated that: la collaboration with Amun in the launch of the ETP is based on BNB will allow investors of a new regulated asset class with a single size for tokens thus making them more reliable and accessible through the traditional financial infrastructure.

This will provide traditional investors with access to a diversified display type and in the global cryptocurrency market and the innovative products it can offer.