Pay in Bitcoins on Amazon, Ebay, Itune

Pay in Bitcoin on Amazon, Ebay, Itune.

Someone will think that it is a hoax, you cannot pay in Bitcoin on Amazon, Ebay and Itune, instead it is not so.

Certainly these great giants have not yet implemented this function, but it is possible to do so.

There is a service you pay for in Bitcoin and gives you Amazon vouchers

The solution is there, after all it is normal, think of all those who have made a fortune with cryptocurrencies, indeed, with Bitcoins, how do they spend them?

If they converted them into currency and made a transfer, the apocalypse would occur between taxes, declarations, etc.

So, you could buy goods, but how?

Thanks to Paxful

this is a service that did not exist but everyone needed it, it does not directly sell Amazon, Ebay and other vouchers because technically it cannot do it, on the contrary, it connects Who Sells From Who Buy.

So I can sell my vouchers and receive Bitcoins, or I can buy vouchers (from users who sell them) with my Bitcoins.

In Paxful we also have many other coupons, if you have a lot of bitcoins to spend, take a tour ……

Official website Paxful

Pay in Bitcoins on Amazon, Ebay, Itune - buy on amazon with bitcoins

buy on amazon with bitcoins