Will Ebay accept cryptocurrencies? Here is the official answer

A few days ago, very clear images were shot about Ebay's involvement with cryptocurrencies.

The occasion was Consensus 2019, a large conference regarding technology and technology Blockchain, in which the image of the Logo appeared  eBay writing

Virtual Currency it's happining on Ebay

Honestly, many had believed that they were trying to create expectations and announce the arrival of some important news in the Ebay payment system.

Recall that we are talking about a huge giant that involves companies and individuals in the buying and selling of goods and services, the introduction of cryptocurrency it would be a very important change which would favor mass adoption.

Ebay and cryptocurrencies

For several days there was no official answer or explanation, but yesterday the official answer arrived

The introduction of virtual currencies is not and will not be in the payment development strategy.

Honestly, it left everyone stunned, laurel why that image? What was it for?

It seems that he wanted to indicate that in the giant of the sale there is a section dedicated to crypto, nothing more.

It is strange that this was the true meaning, but we are faced with an official denial, something will have gone wrong these days? They wanted to feel the ground to understand precisely the consensum?

Amazon and Ebay

Of course one thing is sure, Amazon has been studying one for some time  own currency and its possible integration, there are several signs in this regard, even Facebook, which recently jumped into the market of the market place has created a research and development team.

One thing is certain, whoever comes first to integration will mark the step forward on which everyone will have to adapt in order not to fall behind.