What is the best cryptocurrency to trade in April

What is the best cryptocurrency to trade in April - crypto trading 1024x682 1Ethereum is winning again. The second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world rose 33% in the past month, and is nearing its highs. Digital currencies in general had a good March, but Ethereum is expected to continue rising in April.

The popular cryptocurrency has been a market favorite ever since it planted the flag on smart contracts and other ways to make decentralized finance shine on its blockchain technology. With a significant event now just a couple of months away and Ethereum shortages becoming less of a deal breakdown, let's dive into why this is my best cryptocurrency to buy in April.

The stakes are high

The bearish case on Ethereum is pretty well established at this point. Despite being the dominant cryptocurrency in the realm of decentralized finance - accounting for 55% of the total value locked in all denominations - Ethereum is far from efficient. It's a laggard in terms of speed, the number of concurrent transactions that can take place, and (perhaps more importantly) the costs involved in mining and using Ethereum. Gas tariffs can border on outrage even for the smallest of exchanges. Although we must remember that trading ETH on platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution it's practically free.

The good news is that there is no shortage of other cryptocurrencies that work with Ethereum instead of against it to make it more efficient. We are also potentially two months away from completing Ethereum's move to proof of participation, a move that will do more than alleviate environmentalists' concerns about the nature of the assets of its current proof-of-work approach. Migrating to Ethereum 2.0 won't make it perfect, but it will make it better on most fronts. 

It has been a slow transition, but we are getting closer. The developers have successfully completed the latest public merger test of the blockchain's proof-of-work and proof-of-stake chains. The June target could really attack this time around. “Selling on the news” is a mantra that sometimes burns investors with a sell-off when expected good news materializes. But with so many people still skeptical that Ethereum will complete a smooth transition to proof of stake this summer, it could push cryptocurrency higher. 

If institutional support grows, so does ETH

Completing the switch could also bring out even more institutional support, and even some risk-tolerant income investors. In a climate of low interest rates, betting cryptocurrencies has been a way for buy-and-hold investors to generate passive income from their digital currencies. The migration to proof of stake finds some traders holding on to wagering returns in the range of 7% to 15% per annum, according to a recent CoinDesk article.

With a market cap of $ 424 billion, five times bigger than the bronze medal, it can be argued that Ethereum is already too big to be the top crypto idea to buy this month. I do not agree. There may be smaller denominations that are picking up speed, but most of the blockchain roads go through Ethereum to some degree. He will continue to be a leader.  

Any positive announcement this month that suggests Ethereum is on track to full impalement by June could help build on the cryptocurrency's bullish momentum. Inflation won't go away anytime soon, and the reasons for investing in the world's second largest cryptocurrency are only getting stronger.