Samsung unveils its wallet for Galaxy S10

Samsung unveils its wallet for Galaxy S10. Present some interesting features of the Blockchain Wallet.

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Samsung has just unveiled the features of its wallet criptovalutario for your flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10.

According to a report formulated by CoinDesk Korea a few days ago, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet it is currently only compatible with tokens ERC20 based on Ethereum. As a result, Bitcoin is not yet supported, despite the fact that the logo appears on previous pre-release presentation images.

The wallet also supports four decentralized apps (dapps): Enjin, Cosmee, CryptoKitties and CoinDuck.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet

Recall that the application can be downloaded only on Galaxy S10 phones from the Samsung Galaxy Store. The company said it plans to expand the service to multiple devices and cryptocurrencies in the near future, however.

We take this opportunity to emphasize how the news arrives a few weeks after Samsung provided the first confirmation that it would offer the private cryptocurrency private storage key on the S10 range. Soon after, the company revealed the first details of the storage solution, the "Blockchain Keystore“Which seems to have three main features: payments to merchants, digital signatures and cryptocurrency storage.

Samsung Blockchain Wallet

Samsung Blockchain Wallet will be used in conjunction with Blockchain Keystore and has been designed to simplify the transaction process for newcomers to the technology, says CoinDesk Korea.

Through CoinDuck dapp support, users can also make payments to merchants, with a very simple operation of the dapp: users can enter the amount to be paid, scan a QR code that provides the address of the merchant's wallet online or offline , press the "accept" button.

Payment will thus be made through the Samsung wallet. CoinDuck currently only supports Ether.