According to Mark Mobius Bitcoin is destined to last over time

La continues swing to which the Bitcoin even in the last few days, no less than the other cryptocurrencies, it naturally pushes many analysts and investors to ask questions about future prospects of the sector. Among the many voices that have risen over the past few months, one of the most accredited is that of Mark Mobius, considered a true legend by the experts.

Who is Mark Mobius

Born in New York in 1936, Mark Mobius has been for over three decades one of the best known managers of the entire world panorama, retiring in the 2018. After earning a Ph.D at MIT in Boston, in the 1964, he began to get noticed working for  Vickers-da-Costa e International Investment Trust Company, in Taiwan, to then join the 1987 of Templeton, today Franklin Templeton, becoming from that moment one of the most important figures of the so-called emerging funds. A role assumed precisely as the architect of the launch of the first emerging fund in history and consolidated by decades of success, such as to make it a real legend. Precisely for this reason the declarations made by him on BTC, and more generally on the cryptocurrency sector, were considered a important viaticum for the queen of digital uniforms despite some noteworthy distinctions.

The interview given to Bloomberg

The statements attributed to Mobius were issued during ainterview granted to Bloomberg, and have been considered with extreme attention by the financial community precisely because they report one important evolution in his thinking. In fact, it should be remembered that Mobius had initially accepted with some caution, if not open distrust, the explosion of the Bitcoin phenomenon and that its conversion is due precisely to the observation that digital assets respond to a need for the real economy, that of transferring money quickly and safely.

Moreover, Mobius also wanted to clarify that the issue relating to the intrinsic validity of cryptocurrencies must be separated from that relating to the opportunity to invest in them, precisely in consideration of the evident volatility demonstrated over the years. He also wanted to warn investors by pointing out that the sector is still marred by fraud or behavior that is not very clear, citing as a practical example what happened with Mt. Gox, the exchange failed in 2014.

An approach therefore even more appreciable, as it is characterized not by an uncritical and enthusiastic acceptance, but by a pragmatic vision, aimed at seizing the opportunities open by a tool capable of facilitating transactions, i.e. blockchain technology that supports the system.   

Famous precedents

The change highlighted by Mobius in relation to the cryptocurrency can be considered, at least for now, the last in order of time, as well as one of the most important ever, precisely in consideration of the reputation that surrounds it.
Before him, for example, he had been George Soros to give life to a veritable conversion that had astonished the professionals. The financier of Hungarian origin, in fact, after having defined in the course of the traditional Davos Forum Bitcoin in 2018, like pure speculation, had changed its opinion within a few months authorizing his family office to start trading digital currencies. A decision greeted by great fanfare, considering that in Davos he added that he believed BTC not only a "typical bubble based on a misunderstanding", but also a sort of laundry to launder dirty money.

An opinion of the rest shared by Davide Serra, the financier known for creating algebris and the proximity to Matteo Renzi, who in a tweet dating back to the end of 2018 had defined Bitcoin "... a tool to clean up the money for criminals and tax evaders that has been transformed into the largest Ponzi scheme of all time ...".
Serra, however, has never shown repentance, as indeed Warren Buffett, the oracle of Omaha, which also during the last meeting with investors from Berkshire Hathaway he called the coin attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto a shell, intending to highlight its substantial uselessness and lack of intrinsic value. A fairly merciless judgment, but never harsh as that released in May 2018, when he had defined it rat poison.