Bitcoin bullish quote: rally or splash in sight?

Il Bitcoin and its market value: rally in sight? Or thud?
Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin's share price has undergone a sharp surge and its market value has "broken through" $8.000, so much so as to be the subject of attention by many investors in the virtual market.

The opinions of traders and experts have divided on the value of the popular cryptocurrency and on the convenience of investments: in addition to the supporters of cryptocurrency gold, there are those who oppose investments in Bitcoin, considering thempoison for mice".

Bitcoin forecasts: experts' predictions and dissonant opinions

Those who have confidence in the value of the virtual currency, choosing to invest in it, say that the relationship between BTC / USD will be affected by a new retracement.

For those who, on the other hand, are skeptical about the market value of Bitcoin, they say that the same will, over time, reach its historical highs.

The predictions of the latter proved to be true since the cryptocurrency completely changed direction within the market, redefining its value.

Among the pessimists there are some experts, including Grisanti Anthony, who claim that Bitcoin has achieved excellent results and, precisely for this reason, the time has come to retrace the $ 6.870 - $ 6.425 area.

By carefully studying the trend and the oscillations recorded by Bitcoin, we can observe that the value of the same has fallen, in a short time, from 245 billion to about 200 billion, with the result that, between Thursday and Friday, its value has even moved away from the aforementioned value of $ 8,000.

Bitcoin price: optimistic ideas

Not everyone, on the cryptocurrency market, is skeptical about the value and future price of Bitcoin; the optimists they do not believe that cryptocurrencies will collapse and that the BTC / USD ratio will remain optimal.

One of the many spokesmen of Bitcoin supporters who expresses positively about the value of gold in cryptocurrencies is Bob Iaccino, which states that, thanks to the lighting networks, which also allows small consumers or businesses to make money transactions quickly and easily, the value of the virtual currency will always reach higher values.

In the face of this statement, it is necessary to understand how far the Bitcoin price will go, given that, compared to the levels at the end of 2018, the asset still appears to be enormously underestimated.

To express itself positively on the value of Bitcoin there is also Wencers Casares, who says that the digital minting, in a time span of about seven years, will reach the value of one million euros.

Current quote and Bitcoin trend: Conclusions

As can be understood from the various expert opinions, the value of virtual currency is not 100% stable and, depending on the current of thought, the estimates on it can change.

To date (Sunday 19 May 2019) Bitcoin is traded in $8089,93 with a positive variation of + 11,44%.

Our advice is to constantly monitor the digital asset market and understand the value of Bitcoin.