Spencer Dinwiddie wants to tokenize his contract

Il world of sport is showing a remarkable openness towards digital assets. If there are already many football teams from the major professional leagues to have entered into partnerships with companies operating in the sector, other sports also do not ask themselves to do so. Among them also basketball, with the most famous world league, the National Basket Association (NBA) to lead the way, starting from Sacramento Kings, franchise launched in the 2018 Mining for Good, a charity program with which the team undermines Ethereum through the use of Nvidia video cards, in partnership with MiningStore.
Now, however, the initiative of which he is the protagonist Spencer Dinwiddie, guard of the Brooklyn Nets, is provoking the decisive opposition of the NBA itself. Let's see why.

Who is Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie is one of the best players on his team. Guard able to direct the game, penetrate and pull from three, has managed to establish itself as one of the best sixth men of the entire NBA, as testified by his career statistics (11 points per race, topped by 4,5 assists and 2,6 rebounds). Thanks to his performance he has shown himself in the last two seasons as one of the players who have improved the most, as well as being an authentic factor able to shoot the cards with his entry when the team is in difficulty and needs new energy from the bench. Precisely for this reason it has popped a three-year contract for 34,4 million dollars by the Nets, team that everyone is waiting for in the fight for the title after the sensational purchases of the last summer, those of Kevin Durant e Kyrie Irving.

The tokenization of the contract

However, his new contract signed in the summer is unleashing the opposition of the NBA. In fact, Dinwiddie had decided over the past few weeks cartolarizzarlo, thus giving the opportunity to invest in it (the minimum was set at 150 thousand dollars) and earn in the medium term thanks to dividends, like a listed company. The project aims to get funding between the 4,95 and the 13,5 million dollars by offering a security token based on Ethereum, developed by his company Dream Fan Shares.
The idea would not only allow Dinwiddie to earn more than what was agreed at the contract with the Nets, but also to potential investors to bet money on his return, hoping for a further rise in the same.
A real revolution, which however was blocked by the professional league, with the motivation that according to the regulation "No player can assign or transfer to third parties his right to receive the salary from the team with which he is under contract".

Dinwiddie's reaction

An opposition that is based on what is established by the rules signed by anyone who is part of the league, but which does not seem to have discouraged the player. Dinwiddie, in fact, stated that there is nothing illegal in his work, as he is not creating a new cryptocurrency, but giving rise to an initiative that can bring fans even closer to the game. Now await the new episodes of the diatribe, which could prove surprising.