TrueGoldCoin returns to the coin roots with TGC

The versatility of Blockchain, plus the real value of the gold reserves that support it, translates into TGC
Today we present a project that will have an important impact, the launch of a token linked to gold mining rights. A talented team, with decades of successful business and hard work, presents the revolutionary token TrueGoldCoin.

A project based on over 30 years of experience at the highest levels. Network and telecommunications innovation, artificial intelligence, ISP management, design and configuration. The founders of the TrueGoldCoin project they offer a unique token, mixing solid commodity mining stocks with the versatility of blockchain technology. When you start reading the white paper, you can glimpse the direction of the documents and the project. On the home page, we find the following statement:

"Back to the Coin Roots."
TrueGoldCoin Whitepaper.

It is known in the sector that state currencies (or commonly called Fiat) historically lose all or almost all of their initial value. In the 70s a decision changed the rules of the game; the United States has decided to dissolve the US dollar from the gold standard. Since then, the value of the currency compared to the precious metal is eroding.

Governance, decentralization and 1800 hectares for the mining sector

The TrueGoldCoin token is a standard ERC (in the Ethereum network) promoted and supported by over 1.800 hectares of gold mining rights. Securities of over 1.800 hectares of mining rights make the token attractive to all types of investors. The attraction is patent, both those who seek to speculate on the market, and those who wish to acquire positions in the precious metals market and benefit from its added value. TrueGoldCoin issues a special token, ssupported entirely by proven and probable gold reserves, offering trust and leaving empty promises for other projects.

Added to the classic governance features offered by tokens in public, decentralized and immutable blockchain networks ... a clear demonstration of commitment and commitment to stability is added. Prestigious collaborations with NASA dispel any doubts about the ability of the TrueGoldCoin team. We find a solid "golden rule" in the technical foundation document:

"We will never issue more than 10% of the calculated value of our gold reserves."

The TrueGoldCoin team

As for the backup, it has to go through a careful examination. Obviously the words are windy and to be considered a reliable and proven backup, a verification process is completed. To calculate its value, you will find below some reference data extracted from the TGC documentation and / or from its white paper.

TrueGoldCoin returns to the roots of coins with TGC - true gold

Information on the value of land behind the TGC token

Gold reaches 100% of its value when deposited in a bank or depository institution certified as a refined end product. While gold deposited is 100% valued, is valued with an oscillation between 60% and 99% of the value when it was extracted in the mine and goes through the entire process of transport, smelting, refining and export. So it is valued at a value of 10% when it has not yet been extracted (as in the case of TGC).

In short, once you understand the process where the mines are located and where the exploitation is located, let's analyze the initial offer of the supported token.

The importance of the satisfactory solution for token holders

Balancing is paramount, block chain technology provides global access to the network. However, it may be a problem to liquidate its position if the token fork is too far from the physical backup. At other times, a gold token can become a headache when it comes to liquidating companies. In this sense, the TGC team shows the maturity and commitment of veterans in technology management, resources and / or properties.

TGC is also supported by real money. This surprised us as a noteworthy detail. We find the following statements by one of the founders Enrique Pallares on

“True Gold Coin isn't just an initial offer (ICO), or a supported ICO on a resource, or a simple AltCoin that has been launched to satisfy the moment. NO, the TGC is also supported by real money to make sure that any TGC holder who wants to exchange their tokens for FIAT, the money will be available in the treasury to do so. "

Support offers solutions that meet supply and demand

Offering this type of double support, linking hundreds of hectares to the mining sector and the possibility of liquidating the position in cash ... shows a clear concern about the role of the investor. These initiatives reduce counterparty risk and encourage both supply and demand. A clear example of this is the statement by expert CEO E. Pallares:

"Exchanges are available, but in building the TGC payment ecosystem, we need our tokens to be exchangeable for any currency at any time."
E. Pallares.

Occasionally, some cryptographic coins have suffered the so-called "flash crash". Times when the market's selling power exceeds the counterparty's demand. These situations lead to instability and mistrust in the market, therefore TGC shows a clear commitment to the long-term token.

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