Ethereum quotation analysis: the ETH / USD breakout is increasingly expected

In the event that i Bulls they gain momentum to raise the price of Ethereum, the price of the ETH cryptocurrency could reach $ 149 - $ 161; otherwise, the bearish breakout will target $ 134.

ETH Quotation Analysis: Key Points

  • The Bulls moment collapsed to the Ethereum price level of $ 149;
  • the exit from the descending triangle (pattern) is imminent;
  • consolidation is underway on the 1 chart now.

Medium-term trend ETH / USD: variable

Custom offer: $ 143, $ 149, $ 161

Application: $ 134, $ 125, $ 113

I Bulls they lost the momentum at the $ 149 price level. THE Bears lowered the ETH price below the $ 143 level where the consolidation phase is currently underway.

The Ethereum price is negotiable in the 21 EMA periods and the two neighboring EMAs confirm the consolidation on the ETH market.

However, the 14 period of the stochastic oscillator exceeds the 60 levels with the signal lines pointing upwards to indicate the buy signal.

In the event that the Bulls earn enough momentum to raise the ETH price, the Ethereum price could reach $ 149 - $ 161.

Alternatively, if the price level of $ 143 remains positive, there will be a bearish break on the lowest trend line of the triangle and the target will be $ 134.

Short-term trend ETH / USD: variable

In the medium term, the ETH price is variable. The bears entered the market immediately, the uptrend was pushed to the level of $ 149.

The periods of EMA at 21 periods and of EMA at 50 periods are linked together with the price of Ethereum hovering over EMAs.

The 14 period of the stochastic oscillator is at 60 levels with the signal lines pointing downwards to indicate the sell signal.

Outlook for Ethereum 2019

Ethereum it has better performance than Bitcoin: the development of the ETH cryptocurrency is double compared to the development of Bitcoin when considering the current scenario.

A couple of days ago, Sparkpool, an Ethereum mining pool, received a payment of more than 2.000 ETH only for the mining of a block.

In the 2019 Ethereum could increase its value considerably, due to the mass adoption of this asset by investors.

What is expected of Ethereum in the 2019 is certainly a large capitalization and a consequent strong increase in prices.