Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become a subject of instruction in French schools

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become teaching subjects in French schools - Bruno Le Maire

La France it is one of the countries where cryptocurrencies have been the most difficult in the recent past. Several times the transalpine government authorities have tried to drag the rest of Europe into a kind of crusade against Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, recognizing a clear danger for the stability of the financial system.
The announcement coming from Paris, according to which France is planning the introduction in its program for high schools of a teaching dedicated to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector. But what is it exactly?

The announcement of the Ministry of Education

In July, the Ministry of Education  French has changed the national curriculum, creating a section dedicated to Bitcoin and virtual currencies. The adopted resolution requires French educators to explain to students what a virtual currency is and the implications of the increasingly widespread use of Bitcoin and Altcoin not only for the national economy, but also for the global one.
In particular the teachers will have at their disposal three explanatory videos whose purpose is to introduce the topic and push the students to operate a comparison between digital assets and traditional currencies. An approach which clearly aims to enable them not only to better understand what cryptocurrencies are, but also to understand more fully what traditional finance is and how it functions.

Is the climate of cryptocurrencies changing in France?

The decision taken by the Ministry of Education seems to be the most evident testimony of a climate change for digital currencies, in France. A change demonstrated moreover by the decision of a large number of tobacconists French, taken at the beginning of the year, to allow BTC payments and a similar decision taken by others 25 thousand retail outlets of the large-scale retail trade, scattered throughout the national territory, including leading brands such as the Sephora and Decathlon perfumery chain, the sportswear giant.
In short, the times when the Minister of Economy and Finance seems far away Bruno Le Maire, pronounced against BTC trying to drag Germany into a real crusade against virtual currencies. Le Maire himself then completely changed his orientation, stating that his attitude of the time was due to the fact of being a neophyte, therefore easily led to see things that did not correspond to reality. Today he is one of the leaders of this paradigm shift in the French government, so much so that it declared itself an enthusiastic supporter of the sector, recognizing in it great potential for economic growth. A change in the rest expressed in the middle of the 2018 during a working lunch with a group of French entrepreneurs, when Le Maire resolutely stated that she wanted to commit herself in order to teach the French citizens the best way to make France the best Leading country in Europe regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. An understanding that has found its realization during the summer.