France, new bill opens (partly) to cryptocurrencies

France, new bill opens (partly) to cryptocurrencies. Legislative changes in France, with reference to the insurance sector.

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At the end of last week, in France, the National Assembly adopted a law aimed at stimulating the country's growth in the financial sector. According to FXstreet, in particular, the bill now undertaken would also cover a section that allows companies to . to give its customers the opportunity to interact with cryptographic tools through funds specialized investment firms.

The new position taken in France therefore opens the possibility for the citizens who subscribe life insurance policies in an insurance company to be able to switch from an old low-profit contract to a newer one offering higher returns without penalties, but in the same company, to risks to be evaluated.

However, it appears quite clear that the main objective of the new French bill is not just to give insurance companies access to cryptocurrency investments, how much more extensive to intervene to stimulate a wave of privatization in the French economy. The French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, also noted that the bill will help the development of the national economy. Will it really be like this?