Coinbase Earn: adds the first stablecoin and aims at DAI

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase (see Coinbase guide) has decided to add a course for MarkerDao's stablecoin "Dai", within its platform for education to use the digital currency the Coinbase Earn. 

Coinbase Earn is a new section of the exchange which was officially launched during the month of May 2019. This new platform was created to help users who are beginners in order to understand the functioning of both blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. 

According to Coinbase (he is also launching his own Visa credit card ), one of the main obstacles that prevent people from exploring new digital assets is the lack of industry awareness and knowledge. According to one of their surveys, many of the interviewees expressed a desire to discover new digital assets that are different from Bitcoin, but did not know where it was possible to start. 

For this reason, within the platform of Coinbase Earn DAI and the first stablecoin supported and presented to those who want to learn more about the new digital coins. This service in fact, allows users to obtain information on cryptocurrencies, simply by watching videos of nature teaching and then answering some quizzes.

To earn cryptocurrencies Give for free you have to register on Coinbase 

Give the new Marketdao stablecoin 

As reported in the official announcement, the new stablecoin Dai it is based on Ethereum and is linked to the MKR (Maker) token, while its value is also anchored to that of the US dollar.

At the moment the price of the Dai has been below the dollar and has pushed the managers of the cryptocurrency to increase the stability fee several times. Initially, only a figure of 1,5%, in March the rate was 3,5% and subsequently 7,5%.

In April, this expenditure reaches 11,5% and then 19,5%. In May, however, the commission was reduced to 17,5%. Last month, before inserting it into its training platform, Coinbase announced that DAI would be implemented in its exchange.