Coinbase: new listings on the exchange. Among the tokens also that of GRAM.

Base: new listing on the exchange. Among the tokens also that of GRAM. - Telegram

The Coinbase exchange has announced that it intends to support new tokens on its platform among those present on the market. Among these was also mentioned Gram token which will come soon, and which will be issued by Telegram. 

Besides Gram, there are other tokens that will be able to become part of the'Coinbase exchange, among those mentioned in the press release there are: Celo, Chia, Avalanche, Coda, Filecoin, Difinity, Kadena, Mobilecoin, Handshacke, Oasis, Polkadot and Solana. 

Coinbase: waiting for the Gram token listing

Among the various named tokens, what surely interests the Coinbase community the most is Gram di Telegram, the debut of a highly anticipated token, which will probably take place in October. 

The objective of Coinbase it is integrating and supporting all the digital assets that can satisfy certain bureaucratic and technical standards, in this way it will be possible to expand the offer to customers. 

The company, in a nutshell, wants to give its users the ability to access approximately the 90% of the market of cryptocurrency. For this reason it gradually integrates the most interesting tokens that offer greater capitalization. Not only that, the company chooses those currencies that conform to the United States laws. 

All the assets that can be added to the platform will therefore be studied by the Coinbase team, which must evaluate later, which ones it can actually list and which less. So it is not obvious that the Coinbase team will add all the cryptocurrencies it has entered within the Press Release. 

However, for Telegram there should be no problems, in fact, the listing on Coinbase of the Gram token for most users it is obvious. Nevertheless, the exchange will still evaluate if the currency is suitable or not, based on the regulations in force at the time of release in the United States. 

Telegram is planning to integrate the Gram wallet within its messaging application, in this way it will be able to easily reach its large user base, which has 300 million users worldwide. A very large audience, which certainly offers excellent opportunities for earning a an exchange like Coinbase. 

Libra is not on the Coinbase list for now 

At the moment, he is thinking only of Gram and the other tokens named within the platform, so Libra has not been considered, also because there are some doubts about its actual release. In fact, Gram will definitely be released in October, so it's a good opportunity for Coinbase, instead the Libra token shouldn't be surprising. 

In fact, the release of Libra is expected during the 2020, but the most significant problem could be that of regulations and bureaucracy. Since, at the moment, digital currency is going through several legal issues, so until it is announced that the currency complies with US laws, Coinbase will not take it into consideration.