Do cryptocurrencies land on e-commerce giants?

For months now i have been intensifying rumors who would like it now imminent landing of digital uniforms on e-commerce giants, starting from eBay and Amazon. Just as regards the first, the rumors had become strong especially when the company sponsored the recent one Consensus conference, which took place on May 15 in New York. It was easy for many insiders to do two and two and take for granted that the interest shown in the event was simply a appetizer in view of the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a payment method on the online auction giant.
To make the whole thing even more plausible, she had also contributed one juicy advertising preview that had made an appearance on a Twitter account, bearing the wording "Virtual Currency. It's happening on eBay "or "Virtual Coins - They're Coming to eBay". In fact, a very general indication, from which for example it was difficult to obtain certainties on the fact that advances could concern the expansion of payments to virtual currencies or, even, the decision to launch a completely autonomous project in this sense, trusting precisely on its use in this capacity. Despite this, the merry-go-round of inferences was not long in starting again.

The eBay denial

However, at least for the moment the guesswork and the rumors have been cut short recent report prepared by Bloomberg, according to which the first ones filtered from within the company denials related to the intention to accept Bitcoin or other important digital assets as payment. However, an affirmation supported by a spokesperson's statements who said eBay would not intend to expand its payment policy, which currently rests on PayPal.
A denial that however did not prevent some analysts from link the sudden increases in the market to items related to eBay. If the interest of the e-commerce giant were real, in fact, for Bitcoin and Altcoin it would be a real hit, considering how it is basically talking about what is the largest global market.
It should not be forgotten as one's own the use of PayPal as a payment tool on eBay has long been considered a brake, more than an opportunity by users, due to very high commissions and the often arbitrary freezing of accounts, without apparent logical explanations. Also within the e-commerce site for some time now appears "Virtual Currencies", a section which allows users to purchase tokens by exchanging them for traditional money.

Not just eBay

If eBay does not yet seem ready to adopt virtual uniforms, it should be stressed how other companies have instead decided to drop their moorings in this sense. A demanding declaration of intent came precisely during the New York conference by leading brands such as Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods Market e Bed Bath & Beyond. These companies have indeed confirmed their respective partnership with Spedn, a new app that facilitates crypto transactions through the Flexa network.

What about Amazon?

Still on the subject of e-commerce giants, it should also be remembered as also for Amazon for some time now rumors have continued to circulate regarding the launch of a cryptocurrency to be integrated on the platform. Rumors that resumed circulating with considerable insistence at the beginning of the year, when a survey was conducted involving more than a thousand Amazon customers to understand their loyalty level. Among the questions they had to answer, there was also one related to the use of digital assets and the possibility of using them to make their own purchases, to which 12,7% of the sample interviewed answered positively.
Also in this case many have deduced the intention of the company to accelerate towards the launch of its own cryptocurrency, a hypothesis that has been on the table for months. Among them, the Binance Changpeng "CZ" CEO Zhao, who had not hesitated to say on Twitter that in his opinion Amazon will have to issue a currency sooner or later. In short, all that remains is to wait for the developments, considering, however, that if one of the e-commerce players moves, the effects would cascade.