Ethereum 2.0: the new version will arrive on the 3 January of the 2020

The future passage of Ethereum to the 2.0 version it is expected to start next year or from January 3, 2020. The news was in fact confirmed during the last videoconference that was held among the developers of the platform. Researcher Justin Drake said the team is working on phase zero, which reiterated that the code will most likely be made public again on June 30th. 

Phase zero or "Phase Zero" as called by the developers it is the name of the first stage for the transition of the pre-existing Ethereum network from an algorithm with Proof of Work consensus to a new system that is called Proof of Stake. With the Proof of Stake it will be possible to allow developers to solve most problems that exist on the network such as economic purpose, security and scalability. 

Drake also wanted to confirm that the launch of phase zero will be scheduled for the day on which the first was created ten years ago. block of Bitcoin blockchain ie January 3. The researcher also explained that there are still many months to go until the end of 2019, so he thinks that choosing this as the blocking date is a reasonable and possible goal to be achieved in the coming months. 

Drake also wanted to address the issue of deposit contracts, suggesting to launch this feature before the implementation of version 2.0, so that validators can be given enough time to make deposits correctly. During a Devcon conference in October, a ceremony will also be held it is dedicated precisely to the contracts for deposits. 

According to a report published recently by the Binance Research (Exchange Binance), the division of the cryptocurrency exchange of the same name which is dedicated to sector analysis, most applications are dedicated to decentralized finance which they are created directly on Ethereum (see Ethereum listing)