Ethereum in decline: Quotation and technical analysis

Today August 1st 2019, theETH is again under pressure and is traded around 213,19 USD (193 €).

The MACD dynamics focuses on the area of ​​negative values, while the stochastic is trying to escape the oversold area.

In other words, there is a lack of consensus in the signals. Can a long-term decline trend be predicted? Experts claim that this assumption is confirmed by a "break" of the current minimum at 80,86.

We could soon expect another wave of growth correction at 50,0% (455,00).

Let's find out more details from the graphical analysis.

Ethereum: technical analysis and trends

Ethereum in decline: Quotation and technical analysis - ETHUSD technical analysis

As we can see from the graph, on D1 le quotations ETH USD they are inside a consolidation triangle.

After a pause in the bullish trend, the declining wave is approaching Fibo's 61,8%, even if it does not reach it.

A further reduction to 61,8% (188,60) and 76,0% (148,83) cannot be excluded.

The current consolidation could lead to a "leap". An escape of the resistance to $ 235,79 will signal the development of a new wave of growth.

Ethereum: July 2019 trend

Here we are at the first of August 2019! Let's take stock of the Ethereum listing trend.

The month of July turned out to be "stressful" for the cryptocurrency, its price decreased by 36%, one of the worst results on the digital currency market.

By comparison, the BTC price decreased by 28% over the same period, while the XRP price - by 35%.

The percentage of Bitcoin on the market has grown at 64,5%. Due to the instability of the cryptographic market, even the trade volume you are daily reduced.

If at the end of June 2019 was 135 billion dollars, at 31 July it was around 45 billion dollars.

SEC: cryptocurrency nodes

The project Pocketful of Quarters based on the Ethereum blockchain was confirmed at Tokensale by the SEC. Now the company can sell tokens without registration.

This is an important signal for the cryptocurrency market, however, it is worth remembering that the SEC is still very cautious.

After all, his main job is to ensure compliance with US securities laws.

It is attempting to plan Nodi di Ethereum e Bitcoin, as well as Bitcoin Cash, EOS, XRP Ledger, Stellar and Zcash.

An integration to a proposal of the last 26 June was carried out by means of an official note confirming the intention to provide the SEC with a Commercially Available Off-The-Shelf (COTS), that is a source of data supply concerning the main blockchains.

This would allow monitoring the various inherent risks and informing political committees about digital assets.

The nodes will be managed by third parties and not directly by the SEC. The COTS will also support theblockchain implementation and will include all cryptocurrencies.

Any data that will be provided to the SEC will cover various fields including the cryptocurrency symbol, each sending and receiving address, hashes, timestamps of each transaction and their related costs.

Corridor rumors also state that the SEC seeks to implement on the aforementioned blockchains surveillance systems to check every movement that takes place on them.