Litecoin leads the Altcoin rally and the Bitcoin price struggles to overcome $ 10K

- Altcoin marked a decline in values ​​compared to Bitcoin price. The crypto market seems to have started to recover after a period of sharp falls. Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple have started to resume their own uptrend. Bitcoin's share price has also grown by + 7,21% in the last 24 hours, reaching $ 10.360. Let's find out all the details in this dedicated guide!

Litecoin leads the Altcoin rally and the Bitcoin price struggles to overcome $ 10K - Litecoin rally

Litecoin Rally: watch out for listing!

Il cryptography market was recently influenced by the regulatory framework and the launch of Facebook's Stablecoin, Libra. It has definitely been a "wild" week for Litecoin, which has risen by over the past 24 hours + 15,82 % a $ 92,52. see Litecoin quotation in real time

Let's not forget that last week there Litecoin Foundation has secured a partnership with i Miami Dolphins to accept cryptocurrency payments (LTC and BTC).

Usually, when the value of Bitcoin drops, the whole crypto market is depreciated. Litecoin has also shown that it is possible to challenge the domain held by Bitcoin: as early as February, its price has risen by more than 30% and won the fourth by market capitalization.

This time, however, the price of Litecoin has undergone a depreciation along with the value of Bitcoin, but it seems to be slowly returning to positive territory.

In 17 days we should witness the halving of the Litecoin price or the famous halving! This is a topic of great discussion within the cryptographic community, and its effects on asset valuation are always considered a disruptive event.

From the minimum value of $ 20, the listing of Litecoin rose to a high of $ 140: this represents an increase of over 600%. In terms of comparison, Bitcoin went up from $ 3200 to $ 13800 and the gain was 300%.

Let's not forget that last month the Litecoin Foundation announced the issue of the LTC debit card, the equivalent of a traditional payment card with Litecoin's shopping features (remember that with Wirex it is already possible to spend Litecoin by credit card).

The notification highlights the following:

"The next debit card released will allow users to spend the value of their cryptocurrency online or at physical stores, anywhere in the world where major credit cards are accepted."

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