NBA and Dapper Labs collaborate for a digital game based on virtual coins

The fertile collaboration between National Basketball Association (NBA) and digital assets looks set to continue and intensify. The latest demonstration in this sense comes from the partnership established between the most famous professional league in the world and Dapper labs, a company well known for having created the popular application CryptoKitties. The goal is to create a digital game based on cryptocurrencies.

What is it about

The news of the collaboration drafted by Dapper Labs with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) was given by the latter's website, which also specified how the launch of the new video game was scheduled for the first months of the new year. His name will be "NBA Top Shot", and thanks to it the millions of fans of the various franchises will be able to get the clips relating to the best moments of the spectacular races that characterize the NBA. The films can also be collected, exchanged with other users or used to create their own digital team of dreams.


The agreement in question represents only the last of a series, if we consider that already i Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks they had opened the doors of the club to cryptocurrencies. In fact, both franchises have decided to use the services of BitPay in order to process their fans' Bitcoin payments. The Kings then confirmed their aptitude for technological innovation by launching Mining for Good, a charity program aimed at undermining Ethereum by leveraging the use of Nvidia video cards, as part of a partnership with MiningStore.

The world of sports looks with interest at cryptocurrencies

The interest of the NBA in the potential inherent in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is moreover shared by other sports disciplines, starting from football. Many of the most important European companies, struggling with the problems deriving from problematic balance sheets, are in fact adhering to the proposals coming from the world of digital assets. Just think of the agreements made by Chiliz, a well-known blockchain and entertainment company, which has seen companies of primary importance of the League (Atletico de Madrid), of the Serie A (Juventus and Rome) and of the Premier League (West Ham).
Even professional baseball has long since followed the same path, for example giving life to a game of its own MLB Crypto, based on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of a DApp made by Lucid Sight. An option that could not be without another of the most famous stars and stripes sports, American football. Just one of the most famous teams in the National Football League, i Miami Dolphins, have in fact reached an agreement with the LiteCoin Foundation thanks to which LTC was adopted as the official virtual uniform of the team, thus obtaining the possibility of making its entrance to the Hard Rock Stadium.
A long series of agreements that should follow further in the coming months, precisely in consideration of the fact that the clubs of the main tournaments of the most popular sports disciplines prove to be increasingly welcoming towards collaboration proposals from the world of cryptography.