Tron added to Samsung's new Blockchain Keystore

Tron added in Samsung's new Blockchain Keystore - Samsung Galaxy and TRX e1572361935715

Tron was added to the new one today Samsung's Blockchain Keystore wallet. TRX is the tenth cryptocurrency to be included in Samsung, although at the moment there are only four digital currencies that can be seen on the Samsung wallet: Ethereum (ETH); Klaytn (KLAY); Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX). This new integration is already operational on new models, including Samsung Galaxy S11. In fact, there are several photos posted on Twitter from Samsung. 

The planned integration on the blockchain will allow Tron to reach millions of Samsung users simply via the smartphone. This action will therefore benefit all the currencies that have been included in Samsung's Blockchain Keystore, and for Tron it will also have a positive action on its tokens such as: TRC10 and TRC20. 

During this week, however, there has been a real expansion and growth of Tron not only in terms of inclusion in the new Samsung wallet. In fact, recently, the cryptocurrency has reached the second place by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, an institution that operates below the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

The Chinese CCID report, also coincided with the success of updating the Tron Odyssey protocol, which represents a step in this currency towards decentralization. 

Finally, still during this week the dApps that were developed by Tron's blockchain have seen an exponential growth reaching a total of well 611 dApp. Instead, the quantity of Tether USDT was issued on the TRC-20 and appears to have exceeded the threshold of 800 million tokens currently in circulation.