TRON returns among the first 10 crypto for market cap

TRON makes its welcome return within the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, thanks to a good boost that has outperformed the market trend (see Tron quotation in real time).

Let us remember how TRON (or rather his token TRX), lost its presence in the cryptocurrency top ten following the good performance of ADA, the token of Cardano, whose rapid growth managed to undermine its "rival" TRX in the lowest step of the scale of the ten most important cryptocurrencies.

TRON returns among the first 10 crypto for market cap

The result was not completely unexpected, especially for the assessments of the administrator of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, who a few days ago had stated that he was firmly convinced that TRON would make his return to the top ten by "the first days of June".

Evidently, Sun's forecasts have been underestimated and, therefore, the TRX token managed to recover the lost ground a week before the "projection" made by the CEO of the foundation.

But why was Sun (and is) so convinced of TRX's positive performance?

The reason is partially unknown, but it is probably attributable to another announcement by the same manager of TRX, according to which on June 1, 2019 a note will be issued in which the TRON community will be informed about an important news regarding TRON and BitTorrent.

In the hope to find out more soon, TRON was able to celebrate this expectation in the best way, going to gain a good performance on the main exchanges where the token is exchanged.

Exchange for Tron

About exchange, we also remember how the main operator on which the crypto / fiat TRX / USDT pair is traded is, with a market share of 7,84% of the entire volume traded.

In second place in the list of the most important exchanges for the TRX business we find instead OKEx, with a share very close to the market leader, equal to 7,69%.