Wallet ethereum online: some examples

Wallet ethereum online: If you are looking to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, one of the terms you will most often hear will certainly be wallet.

The wallet is a software designed specifically to keep ethereum, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general safe. It is a type of program that is based on the use of an address to which deposits arrive and from which you can make payments to third parties.

Wallet ethereum online

Together with this address you are given a second one at the time you register.

The latter is essential to access your wallet, it is the access key, the only one you have available.

Of course, if you use an online wallet you can also set a password, but in most cases without this second address it would be useless.

The wallet can be either online or offline e portable wallet . In this second case we talk more often about hardware and paper wallets.

The difference fundamentally lies in the fact that, while offline your ether is stored on your devices, you will support them online to a third-party server.

Here, the online wallet is the one accessible only through username and password, unlike those that need only that second address of which we said.

It doesn't take much effort to open an online ethereum wallet, rather. Many of the online wallets are free and it is sufficient to register by entering your data. Some wallets, such as Coinbase, also ask for a phone number to ensure greater security.

Wallet ethereum online: some examples - ethereum


Some examples Wallet Ethereum

Before proceeding to list some examples of online ethereum wallets, it should be pointed out that this type of wallet is useful for small amounts, but it is not advisable for larger quantities of ether.

  • Coinbase Free wallet, also available on smartphones and i-phones.
  • Lunary Ethereum Wallet. This is also available both online and on the app.
  • Coinomi One of the safest ethereum wallets that exist thanks to double encryption.