Bayern Munich also announced their virtual tokens

Bayern Munich also announced their virtual tokens - Bayern Munich

Continue to strengthen on link between the world of sports and cryptocurrencies. It is in particular football, at this stage, that stands out for its remarkable ability to attract companies linked to the sector, translating the relationship into profitable sponsorships, always appreciated for budgets that are perpetually troubled like those of football clubs.
Now it's the turn of the Bayern Monaco to follow the same path that clubs like have previously taken Juventus e Roma (A league), Atletico Madrid (Liga), Watford e Manchester City (Premier League). Let's see how.

The agreement between Bayern Munich and Stryking

According to news that appeared on 11 October, Bayern Munich, the most famous team in the Bundesliga, which in its palmares boasts among other things 29 German titles and 5 Champions League, will collaborate with Striking Entertainment in order to produce his players' digital collectibles. These are digital cards that reproduce the features of the players, not only those who are currently part of the squad, but also the many who in the past have contributed to a history full of successes such as those collected by the Bavarian association. Thanks to the cards in question, Bayern supporters will be able to create virtual teams and competitions that will see them engaged against each other. To decide the results of the matches will be given as the current form of the chosen players and those related to the career.
The deal in question is the first between Stryking and a major club should be followed by further partnerships which will allow other teams from the major European leagues to join the company as a licensing partner.

Sports and digital assets: an increasingly intense relationship

If at this stage it is football that plays the lion's share, it should also be remembered how other sports have in the meantime started to look with interest at the digital asset sector. Suffice it to recall in this sense what happened in formula 1, where the Red Bull-Honda RB15 presents the logo of "FuturoCoin". The Austrian team, currently the third most important in the Circus, has in fact signed a multi-year agreement with the Eastern European cryptocurrency, as a result of which the brand is visible both on the driver's suits Max Verstappen e Pierre Gasly, than on those of transporters.
Even basketball has taken the same path, giving life to a rather sensational case, or the controversy between the National Basket Association (NBA), the most famous professional league on the globe, e Spencer Dinwiddie, talented point guard of the Brooklyn Nets. In fact, the player was officially prohibited from securitizing his contract on the basis of a project that aimed to obtain financing through the offer of an Ethereum-based security token, developed by his company Dream Fan Shares. The operation that involved i is less conflictual Sacramento Kings, following which Mining for Good was launched, a charity program with which the team grants its logo for the extraction of Ethereum through the use of Nvidia video cards, in partnership with MiningStore.