Bankera introduces Tether in its Exchange

Very short post to tell you the latest post by Bankera and Spectrocoin.

Bankera is both a coin and Spectrocoin Trading Exchange.

Bankera introduces Tether in its Exchange

It was born on Facebook, a few days ago a kind of contest to guess the new currency that would enter Bankera.

The first who would have guessed would have won 100 dollars in BNK.

Obviously it was not a subject of great suspense, unlike the big advertisements of when they had to sell in BNK in ico

Bankera the Bank of the future

Oh well, the new currency is Tether , I would say the first stable coin in the world of crypto and currently the one with more dark sides. Honestly, of all the stablecoins I would never have chosen Tether ...

It doesn't take a genius to understand that to raise this new-born exchange you need to insert coins with high potential, or at least high interest ..

Per esempio Mountain bike ?