Bosch is about to implement the Ethereum Blockchain: here are all the details!

Il new Bosch project should be supported by Blockchain Ethereum: the well-known automotive company, wants to connect with the ETH block chain, to take over the news would have been an employee.

Although not all details of the projects that Bosch is working on were revealed last week at the annual conference BCW 2019 new interesting details have been revealed.

Want to find out what they are? Well, then read on and find out what they are.

Bosch and Ethereum getting closer!

Bosch, a leading global provider of technology and services, surprised Ethereum supporters: the company started working with the blockchain of Ethereum and is planning to connect its products with the chain of blocks.

Last week the annual BCW 2019 conference took place in Berlin and, during the event, the Bosch brand announced a preview of the new project that should be supported by Ethereum.

The company revealed that it had tested the electric car charging stations that communicate and deal independently with a vehicle.

As stated by Bosch, the Ethereum platform "allows such projects, including, for example, in the case of Bosch applications, to load and pay the EV independently. " Since 2017, the company has collaborated with IOTA and Hyperledger.

It is worth noting that Ethereum has a significant advantage over its competitors: neither Hyperledger nor IOTA they can claim to be completely open source.

Ethereum, thanks to its smart contract technology, has shown that it can serve charging stations across the country.

New projects Ethereum 2019

On the occasion of Blockchain Week held in New York, the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin has announced two new projects that should revolutionize not only the cryptographic sector, but also other interesting sectors considered really strategic.

The new projects that will be launched by Ethereum for the current year 2019 are attributable to the following: launch of the decentralized market platform Augur (REP) and the decentralized blockchain resolution platform Kleros (PNK).

Augur will allow users to place bets and sell stocks, while for Kleros, this Blockchain dispute resolution platform provides quick, safe and convenient arbitrage in all scenarios.

Furthermore, Buterin noted that the Ethereum network is ready for the next upgrade of Ethereum 2.0: only the implementation of research developments remains.

Current price and Ethereum price fluctuations

In light of these new projects announced by Ethereum, it is speculated that its price will rise. In the last month, the Ethereum cryptocurrency has gone from the price of $ 155 to the highs of $ 275, then the price has slightly decreased and stabilized at $ 251 (today 24 May 2019).

For Mayne, well-known cryptocurrency analyst, Ethereum will break through over $ 260 and there are those who say it can rise to $ 300.