Ethereum: Vitalik Buterin speaks of Ethereum 2.0 on Reddit

Buterin speaks of Ethereum 2.0 su Reddit. Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum and he recently talked about the development of Ethereum 2.0, the advanced and final stage of Ethereum itself, in a Reddit post dedicated to him.

A Reddit user, Yagan, stated that according to him Buterin is determined to progress as a person and as a leader in this sector, even if his currency has experienced fluctuations during these months.

Another user instead congratulates him on everything he has achieved to date and believes that Buterin is a source of inspiration for everyone.

While, another redditor claims he does not believe in the Ethereum team, because of Dothereum and to invest in this currency only when Buterin leaves the Ethereum project.

Dothereum is one of the new projects, which Buterin himself is working on, similar to Ethereum, but built on the Polkadot platform.

Recent rumors assume that a former member of the Ethereum team takes part in the development of Dothereum.
These assumptions immediately attracted the attention of Buterin who immediately stated that the team is much larger and larger than him.

Buterin himself said that all the developer teams that took part in the realization of Ethereum 2.0, such as Prysmatic Labs e Lighthouse, they did not delay the development of Ethereum 2.0 by one day, managing to work anyway on schedule.

Coincheck gives its OTC trading support to Ethereum and XRP

Coincheck is the most important cryptocurrency exchange on the Japanese market that recently declared to support Ethereum e XRP (in a tweet published on April 15), adding them to his OTC (over-the-counter) trading desk.

Coincheck, in addition to the addition of Ethereum and XRP, provides this OTP service for the top three most important cryptocurrencies on the financial market to which Bitcoin is added, which represents the largest digital currency capitalized on the market.

What is the Ethereum?

Ethereum is a digital cryptocurrency on an independent platform on the 3.0 web, which allows the creation and programming of P2P smart contacts created using complete Turing programming languages.

This criptovaluta it differs from Bitcoin precisely in the creation of these smart contacts, described as programmable virtual money.

Until a few days ago, Ethereum underwent a discreet rebound of its price which fluctuated above $165 compared to the US dollar. The cover price has arrived up to $170 to then suffer a sharp decline between the 165 and 160 $.

This decline has exceeded the last oscillation of the 160 $ finally stabilizing below the average in 100 hours only.

The minimum of the threshold during the week has arrived at 155 $ undergoing another oscillation that has reached above the level of 160 $ with a level of tracking of Fibonacci of 23%. This estimate represents the tracing level of the 50% of the Fiber considering the 170 $ as high price and the 150% as the lowest price.

So, if the bulls (ie those who invest) manage to push Ethereum listing above the 166 $, there will be no further declines. As long as the market price is higher than the 150 and 155 $, there may be a rise that could fluctuate between 160 and 170 $ during these days.