US Army: looking for new services for cryptocurrency analysis

US Army: looking for new cryptocurrency analysis services - US Army

The United States Army of New Jersey (United States Army Contracting Command), issued a notice for the various providers of cryptocurrency investigation services, in fact the USACIDC that is the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command, is looking for a targeted solution cryptocurrency analysis to be used subsequently for judicial inquiries and other missions always in the same field. 

US Army: prosecute and identify those who use digital currencies for illicit purposes 

The statement sent by the United States Army stressed the fact that the contractor will have to engage in the provision of a cloud-based service, online, which does not therefore require the installation of any software or hardware on PCs, and which can help law enforcement officers to identify those who use cryptocurrencies for illegal acts such as: extortion, riciclaggio di denaro dirt and fraud. 

The contractor for this service issued for the US military must be able to identify what is the source of transactions through cryptocurrencies and above all must provide real-time analysis of all the movements that are made with Bitcoin towards other important digital currencies, and the same analysis must also be carried out in reverse. 

The instrument provided by the army must be able to detect transactions that are not properly lawful in an automatic way, for example by viewing: interactions between different entities and recurring patterns. 

Interest in the blockchain of the United States army 

According to a report published by Diar in September last year, it was found that during the 2018, several US government agencies invested in companies specializing in the blockchain field. Many of these contracts were then entrusted to the analysis company of the New York blockchain Chainalysis, which received government funding of 5,3 million dollars.

This August is also a start-up operating in the field of smart contracts, the Simba Chain and Constellation a company that deals with managing data on blockchains have both signed a new collaboration with the US Air Force, which used the two companies to optimize the agency's logistics chain.